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How do you cope?

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Thread Starter has been a rough day emotionally for me. Today would have been Marbles' 2nd birthday. It is Snickers' ,his sister, birthday today too and I am so thankful to still have her but the pain is still hard. For those of you that have lost a precious one, how do you cope? I am still bawling a lot about him. The pain won't stop. I miss him SOOOO much. It has been almost two months. It was just so unexpected.

I love you and miss you, Marbles. Happy 2nd birthday. Sending lots of love and cuddles to you.
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Oh honey, I wish I had some magic words to give you, but I think we just remember how special the time together was, and we have to believe that they will be waiting for us on the other side. Marbles is there in your heart, and you are in his, don't ever doubt that.
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The only way I know how to cope is to love on all the other kitties.
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It has been a year since Bella died and I don't know how I have made it this far..she was/is my child and it's been a tough road...I am in therapy do whatever u need to do to cope, it's not easy...the other cats help a little and I talk to her everyday...I know shes around us. Sorry you are having a tough time but you will get a lot of support on here
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Originally Posted by catcaregiver View Post
The only way I know how to cope is to love on all the other kitties.
That is exactly what I do. You focus your attention on helping the others through the loss and somehow that helps you through it.

I'm so sorry!
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A couple of weeks ago, I just broke apart with the 4th anniversary of my Petunia's death. I think the best way to work through it is to love those around you more, allow yourself to cry a lot, and to share those feelings with people who know what you're feeling (which I found great support here).
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Thank you all!!! Yes, I knew this group would be a wonderful place to come and get support from. I do love on all my other cats and of course my children and DH. I think the other thing that makes it harder losing Marbles is that it was just two weeks shy of the 2nd anniversary of losing my other baby, Princess, whom I had for 17 wonderful years. Marbles was the one that even though I only had him just shy of two years, he came and helped heal me from the pain of losing her. And to have lost him in such an unexpected way where I did not get to say good-bye was extra hard. I guess I feel guilty that I had no idea that he would die.
Anyway, thank you all again. I SO appreciate this group.
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I still miss my first cat Mitten and he's been gone since early 80's! Miss my Spooky boy too - he died in October 2006 - so it will be hard next month.

But I have a wonderful loving Ocicat that reminds me that things go on and you have the pleasure of loving again. I know that the cats that have gone are waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge - happy and playing and watching

Try to remember the good and funny things they did and know one day you will be reunited
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Wednesday was the third year since Sheba's tragic passing. Its always rough for me around this time.
I did meet an artist today though at our local Octoberfest celebration and bought a cute,cool cat print and am thinking of sending her some pics to create something for me as she had some beautiful unique items.
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Your 2nd post really hit a nerve with me because Marbles was for you what Joey is for me - my daughter (who has brain damage and was using $300 that she'd saved for over 2 years to buy a stereo for her bedroom) bought Joey and JC, to comfort us when we had just lost my Miss Tobie and the custody battle for my grandson. I know that creating a little song about losing Miss Tobie and playing the piano, singing it over & over seemed to help. I also listened to Offspring's "Gone Away", altho it's a punk group, the feelings were so pertinent to me - it does feel like Heaven is so far away sometimes; but I remind myself that they are pain-free and with the other loved ones I've lost, with my nephew, my brother, my beloved dog Tasha, my horses, Tinker and Kessler, .....besides, what would Heaven be if it didn't have cats??
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I was looking at some pictues of Magpie the other day (the cat in my avatar) and got quite teary eyed thinking about him. He went to rainbow bridge nearly 2 years ago and I still miss him like mad. But if he was still here I wouldn't have my Mosi, so I try to focus on that. It hurts like hell to lose a furbabe, but there is always another little one in need of loving and that helps the healing process.
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Thanks everyone. And I really like the idea about a song, catsknowme. Thanks for the idea.
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