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Patience's Kittens - 8Wks Update!

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Hello all!

Patience's kittens turned 8 weeks old yesterday, so we all went to the vet and had our first shots and health check. Flower has some waxy ears, she was tested for mites and it was negative so she's just one of those kitties with yucky ears. Other than that, they all checked out excellent! Captain was the lucky one who got combo tested, and he came up negative. Mom was negative too, so it's pretty certain that they're all in the clear.

For being such good kitties, I got them a bunch of cat nip toys and they all went nuts over them!

Just one question, when can I switch them from clay litter to scoopable? Is there a suggested age for this or just whenever they stop trying to eat the clay litter?

On with the pics!

Maggie, in said clay litter:

China, aka Frankenkitty, nestled in her basket (shortly before tipping it over and running away with the blanket):

Cindy, between zigging and zagging from toy to toy:

Caesar with his elephant:

Another of Caesar, is he spotted or mackeral? We have trouble deciding:

Captain licking his mouse XD:

And finally Flower, who's a total momma's cat.

I've only got four more weeks with them! =( But I'll make sure they go to good homes. =)
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By scoopable, do you mean clumping litter? I've never used clumping litter as I've found my kitchen stinking out. I use clay litter too and don't intend to change, even when the kittens are all fully grown cats. Ziggy has always got on with it anyway.

So, I think Caeser is spotted, that just happen to blend almost in a line.

Your little China looks like my Pixie (although Pixie is smaller) So cute, she's my little angle

You have some really sweet little kittens there, and I'm glad that they are all healthy. Do you have homes for them lined up?

Mine were 6 weeks yesterday, I can't believe they are going to grow that big in 2 weeks!!!
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Yes, I mean clumping litter. I find the clay to be very dusty, not as good at odor control (I was using Fresh Step which I thought smelled rather nice, even at the end of the week), and more difficult to remove urine waste. So, I'd like to go back to clumping when advisable.

Captain definitely has a home lined up, his future owners have been coming to visit them since the day they were born. I MAY be keeping Cindy and China, I'm not sure yet. China is my sweetie and she and Cindy are close. Maggie might be going to one of my coworkers but that's not set in stone. I haven't done anything to start "advertising" them yet, I want to wait until they're closer to 12 weeks for that. But they do have their own website. =)
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Wow, just spent ages on your site. What a lovely idea. I've left a comment.
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They are all very very cute!
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Caeser's a broken mackeral tabby. Its more mackeral tabby markings then actual spots

I love them all - very colorful litter
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If you want clumping the only TRUELY safe ones at this age are the pine, corn or wheat based litters...16 weeks for clay clumping
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What a beautiful litter.
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