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URGENT...Tessa is missing need some vibes please

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Ok so today my brother took me to the Pirate game and evreything and well my mom went to work this evening which left my dad and brother home...and well Tessa has never really tried to run out of the door EVER so I am not understanding this, my brother does have a habit of keeping doors open which I am the one that yells constantly...but anywho...I came home about 10 mins ago and my mom said she has been looking for Tessa since she got home and shes no where to be found...and Tessa is the girl who just goes and sleeps on the breakfeast knoock all day long thats her favorite spot..and my dad had said that she was here all night which leaves one other person. my other brother (the one who leaves the doors open) And so I am on my way out to go search for her so can I please have some good luck vibes that we find Tessa tonite My mom keeps crying and I am determined to bring her home tonite so please any vibes would be so greatly appreciated!
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Oh no...many vibes to find Tessa
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Lots of "find tessa vibes" headed your way!!

If you haven't found her by tomorrow- go to your local shelter/rescue and see if you can rent a cat trap. Bait the trap with some really smelly soft cat food or tuna and leave it in a quiet place near your home. Check it frequently. She probably is just out exploring now and hasn't wondered off too far. Good luck hon! I hope you find her safely!
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Oh no! I am praying you find her right away!
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Hope you find her!
Good luck searching!
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Tons of !!!
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lots of come home Tessa!
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So I made this post and went on my way and I started my search down the street and we are the only house on our street with mostly woods now the next street has some houses and cars often so I was so worried So then I had my brothers friend go with me that went to the game and my brother that lives here, and well I told them I have a feeling shes up the other way..well we start walking back and I see my mom out in front of the house and she had went outside and called her and she came running down ! I am just so happy that she is home and so relieved, and my mom is so happy now, now I have to make sure she doesnt get out again But thank u all so much for the vibes and my mom greatly appreciated it too
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Awww yaaay! Glad to here she's home safe and sound! What a relief!
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Thank goodness she's home.
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What a relief
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im so happy you got your kitty back i kno the dreaded feeling, when i lost my baby i was so scared i wasnt going to get him back. the best thing in the world was seeing him again. i was the happiest person alive then!!
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Oh yay!!!! I'm so glad she came home!!!
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YIPPEEE!!! TCS "board magic" has worked again!! Have a great weekend
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So glad Tessa is home!!!
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