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my cat had vaccines today

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my kitten had 2 vaccines today. he's a baby, he's about 13 weeks old. i know one of the vaccines is for rabies. I'm not sure what the other one is, my mom took him to the vet. when my kitten got home from the vet, he was really energetic, he chased balls and played with his toys. but a few hours after his vaccinations, he started to hide underneath the chair and refused to come out. it's like he has no energy left. he can barely keep his eyes open. he's too tired to run away from us if we pet him too much. he just turns around and faces the other direction. i'm really worried about him.
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Some cats do get sleepy after vaccines, but if he's still lethargic in the morning, I would call the vet and explain his symptoms.
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Radar gets like that after his vaccinations, usually for about 24-36 hours. Lack of energy, reduced appetite, and some joint stiffness (if he had the calcivirus vaccine) are within the range of 'normal' side effects.

Warning signs to look out for are vomiting, respiratory distress (rapid shallow breathing or wheezing), fever (check how hot his ears feel, or if he is a light coloured cat sometimes their ears can look red around the edges) or seizures - any of those reactions require emergency treatment.

Otherwise a bit of sleepyness is ok and fairly usual, make sure he has somewhere warm to curl up, water to drink, and when it's his dinner time some of his favourite food to tempt him. If it goes on for more than about 24 hours then give the vet a call for advice.
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My kitty was the same way after she got her shots. Full of energy for a couple of hours and then it just hit her. She would only get up to use her litter box and drink water. Our vet said it was normal. After 24 hrs, she started eating (just a little bit at a time) and walking around. By 48 hrs, she was back to herself.
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