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Ugh! I don't want to go!

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I made plans to go to lunch tomorrow with a lady that lives in my building. It started out only as me visiting the library to pick up some books that are on hold, but I found myself inviting a lady who lives in my building to come with me and then having lunch afterwards.

At the time it seemed like a good idea, but my physio appointment on Wednesday involved stair exercises in addition to everything else I was doing and it aggrevated my left foot which I had fractured a couple years ago and while it healed it gives me loads of grief/pain if I walk on it too much or do things like stairs which require full weight to be put on it. I had physio today too and it was so sore that I couldn't even do much of my exercises there, not even the treadmill. Then I went grocery shopping which required even more walking so my foot is pretty darn sore and I ran out of Tylenol #3 To top it off I'm crampy because it seems that my "no so friendly" visitor has come to visit this month (can't wait for menopause!) And I just feel all around crappy.

Ugh! I don't do committment well. I feel like cancelling, but she's counting on me. I have to go to the library anyway because if I don't I'm going to be fined for the books I ordered and have held, but I'm really not looking forward to such a long outting and even more walking.

I hope my foot feels better tomorrow.
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Just see how you feel tomorrow sweetie- if you're not up to it, you're not up to it. But just see what you feel like in the morning- you may change your mind and want to go after all! Besides, having a little bit of good company for lunch is always a good thing!
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I'd wait for morning and try to get some good sleep tonight. Maybe pick a place where lunch will be quick or something too. I'm sure she'll understand if your not feeling well.
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Do you have a crutch or boot for your foot? That might help in the short run to keep the pain to a manageable level for a day or so...
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