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neuter - e-collar?

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Poor Samson just got neutered. The vet said to wear an e-collar for 14 days!! That seems excessive. And he hates it - bumping into walls, can't eat or drink properly, can't get into the covered litter box, keeps pawing and scratching at the collar.

It seems odd since the vet is at the ASPCA and I volunteer there and know that none of their shelter cats wear collars after neuters unless there's a problem.

Samson's neutering was fine - the wound is tiny. Doesn't even look like there are stitches.
I took the collar off which made him very happy and watched him groom himself. He didn't spend more than a few seconds licking the area.

Should I leave it off? Put it on when I leave the house? Put it back on for 14 days like the doctor said?
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It seems excessive to me too. Use your best judgment, you know your cat better than anybody. I wouldn't leave him unsupervised without something to keep him from disturbing the incision though. If you don't want to use an e-collar, something that is more comfortable to use is a sock. You can twist it to make it thicker and either duct tape it to itself or if you use a long sock you can stick the toe end through the open end to complete the circle. Hope that makes sense lol.
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We didn't use a collar for either of our cats now or any before. Our vet said to just watch for excessive licking. They both licked a bit but it didn't seem to be overly so and they healed just fine. Especially male neuters - they are so simple these days. Bijou didn't even have stitches. I don't want to go against what your vet says, but I truly don't think it is necessary to wear the collar unless he is over-licking and especially not for 14 days.
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When Holly underwent surgery on her face this past summer, she wore the collar for two weeks. I thought it was excessive but I followed the doctor's advice and it healed well. Actually, we had no choice in the matter since the sutures were in her face for two weeks. I didn't want her to rip them out.
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My vet put on an e-collar when Seamus was neutered last month and suggested 5-7 days. He too bumped into things and had to have the litterbox uncovered and was frustrated for a while, but I left it on until he looked healed back there. I gave in at 4 days because he looked healed and started to look dirty because he wasn't grooming. If nothing else, once he accepted the fact that he had the stupid thing on, it kept him pretty calm and relatively immobile for the healing days because he got mad at bumping. Plus he went right for licking when he got home, and I didn't have to yell at him constantly. He's my first cat, and I was surprised the vet said that too, but I just went with it. I don't know if it helped him and if he would have licked a lot if I had taken it off earlier, but for me, I was comfortable knowing I didn't have to watch him constantly so he didn't lick down there.

14 days sounds like a little much if it was a standard neuter... esp since the wound heals in only a few days. I can't say what's best for your guy, but for mine, I was glad he was calm for the few days and that I could leave the house knowing he wasn't going to overdo it.
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I've never used the e-collars for neuters or spays, actually.. if you watch him awhile and he doesn't bother the area at all, I don't see why you would need to worry about it.
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Mine have never had a collar after neutering. I would take it off and see how he is without it. Unless he's licking the area excessively, he should be fine without it.
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My past boys (& girls) all had e-collars, I left them on for 4-5 days I think. Took them off for eating and a little grooming each day, they all licked the wounds too much if I left the collars off.

Current cats were done by the breeder and I know she didn't use collars on them.

Agree with above posters, why not see how your boy does without it on?
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Oliver wore an e-collar last summer after my mom accidentally scared him, causing him to jump in the air and land on the tracking to the sliding glass door... he split his foot open.... my vet cleaned and glued the foot and e-collared him to keep him from licking it... he too was miserable in the collar, but I would give him supervised breaks from it so he could potty and eat... he wore the collar for 10 days... I have seen at petsmart/petco a kind of new ecollar... isntead of the traditional lampshade shape it's a thick inflatable collar (canvas covered)... so you inflate it and put it on your cat and he can still eat and walk around pretty much unobstructed, yet still is restricted from licking/biting at healing wounds - it's something I eventually want to add to my pet first aid kit
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Originally Posted by BuzbyJLC10 View Post
isntead of the traditional lampshade shape it's a thick inflatable collar (canvas covered)... so you inflate it and put it on your cat and he can still eat and walk around pretty much unobstructed, yet still is restricted from licking/biting at healing wounds - it's something I eventually want to add to my pet first aid kit
I thought it was a good idea too until I tried one. I returned it. IMO it's actually a safety hazard for the cat. Unless the collar fits perfectly - which it probably won't - they can get their paw up through the area where it goes together. I found that a thick sock wrapped around the neck is effective, safe and much less expensive than one of those inflatable e-collars and more comfortable for the cat than the "cone".
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Both my cats were neutered, and the vet said nothing about them wearing any collars. They obviously didn't wear any collars and it turned out fine. I don't think either cat even knew what had happened to him. I guess vets have different philosophy on that.
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I have never used ecollars for neuters, and rarely for spays. They generally heal fine after a couple of days, and then forget about it.
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Gizmo had an e collar on as well after being neutered. My vet said to leave it for 4 days but I took it off after two. Everything appeared to be healing fine and he didn't even show much interest in licking. I would just keep an eye on him. If he doesn't seem to go too crazy w/ the licking then there's probably no reason to leave it on for more than a day or two, if even that.
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