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Update on my Grandpa, E-Wells, and a pic

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Well, we are still in the MICU. Two weeks as of yesterday. They put a trache in today to help keep him more comfortable while on the vent. They said if they left the tubes down his throat too long it would damage his vocal chords. This way he'll be able to eat and talk soon. He's still hanging in there, we're just taking it a day at a time.

We did get good news yesterday: his pathology report came back that there is NO CANCER LEFT!!! So, once he heals from surgery he has a great chance of being called a cure!!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and vibes, they mean the world to us!

He's still doing well but seems to be losing enthusiasim since we thought we would only be in the MICU for a couple of days. I would hate to see him give up after how far he's come.

The hospital he's staying at has an "E-well" program where you can send emails to patients and they are hand delivered to their rooms.
This is the link for the form:

If anyone would like to send a written prayer for him to help him keep his spirits up, that would be great! Just PM me and I will give you all the info you need for the form. (Don't really want to post all that in public.) All prayers, encouraging words and well wishes are welcome. I told my family I was going to tell you guys about this and they thought it would be great!

We read them to him, and we're putting them all in a scrapbook for him to look at when he's better. We really need to keep his spirits up right now for him to pull through this.

This pic was taken today, thats him with my grandma.

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Hey that's some great news! I'm sorry he's still in the MICU, but that report is just really awesome!
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What a touching photo

I'm so happy that there is no cancer left- I hope he rebounds quickly!
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I'm so glad there is no cancer left!!! Now, all he needs to concentrate on is recovering from surgery, which will definitely take some time. The picture you posted is precious. You can see how much they love each other. Now they will have many more happy years together. I know it's hard to see someone you love in ICU (and, I'm sure it's even harder on the patient) but after that extreme surgery I'm not surprised they have him there for that long. Just keep reminding him he's getting better every day!
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Aww what a touching picture!!

I am so glad to hear theres no cancer!!

Many continuing his way!!
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Thanks you guys! I just don't want him to give up. Thats my biggest fear.

He and my Grandma (Mommom and Papa to me ) are the picture of perfection. I've never seen two people more in love than those two. They've been together since they were just kids, and their love has never waivered.

Thank you all for your prayers, and encouragement.

And a very special thank you to Monica, Alycia, and Hope for sending E-wells. That really means a lot.
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Gosh, he's had a rough time of it -- but that all-clear report sure makes it worthwhile! I'll keep vibing for him... and I'm PMing you for the E-well information...
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Thanks again for all the support!

He's really not doing very well today. We're going to try to get another doctor in tomorrow to see whats going wrong. It doesn't seem like the doctors he has right now are doing much, or at least not working together to get anything done. Anyway.

Thanks so much to Helen and Carol for sending ewells. You guys really have no idea how much it means to me.
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Thanks to everyone for the continued support!!

He was awake a lot today, so we actually got to visit. The first thing he told us (mouthed to us) was that he was ready to go home! He had a little spunk to him today which made us all feel a little better.

Thank you Leighann for sending an ewell!

All of the ewells started pouring in today, and he got a big kick out of them. You guys truley are the best!
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Glad to hear he is feeling a little better today! Spunky is a good thing! He had a very invasive surgery, so he will have his good days and bad days. Did the other doctor see him yet? Keep us posted.
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Bless him... I hope he's home and feeling better soon Keysha
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