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Strange Cravings

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I just had an uncontrollable urge to have milk! I hate milk. At least plain milk. I went and poured myself a tall glass and downed it, and then had 2 more!

I can honestly say that I've never had a craving for milk in my entire life! Well, not unless it was chocolate milk.

Do any of you ever crave foods that you aren't really keen on?
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I can't stand milk myself, but every once in a while I really want some.
I honestly believe that most cravings are our bodies forcing us to consume something that we need that we wouldn't otherwise have.
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I get milk cravings every now and then. My Mom always told me I must need it.
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I don't much like milk either. I never just drink a glass, but sometimes it sounds good and I'll pour myself some and drink it. I never really thought about it, but it does make sense that it's our body's way of telling us what we need.
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I had a craving for milk tonight too. I don't like milk and I am lactose intollerant but I had some tonight.
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No way i'd EVER drink regular milk I'd be sick for days!!!! I use Lactaid Fat Free Milk (even then i won't drink it plain- yuck! it has to be flavored with chocolate syrup I mainly just use it to cook with though.)
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I have very similar milk cravings...maybe it's our body telling us we need calcium?

Also, when its that time of the month I just want to DOWN a whole tub of cookie dough! Yum yum!
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I'm lactose intolerant too and buy lactaid milk. But it's still milk and I still don't like it, LOL

I've had 3 large glasses and I'm thinking about having a 4th

I guess it's possible that my body is craving calcium. I tend to only have 1 cup of dairy per day and haven't had any for a few days because I ran out of milk and the store across the street doesn't carry lactaid milk.
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That milk sounds good to me. Try some over ice I personally like whole or 2% organic milk.

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No, not really. But thinking about it sometimes I crave chocolate milk, but I don't really like chocolate that much, I am very picky about what type I eat and I rarely eat it, I find most of it not very appealing.

But there is one chocolate milk that I find totally craveable. A certain brand of organic low fat chocolate milk, it is hard to find but I don't like any of the others. I pour a large glass then let it sit in the freezer until almost icy. You can only buy a gallon? not sure how much, maybe a quart at a time, I rarely finish the whole thing in time. The craving comes then usually after a few glasses disappears for awhile.

I drink skim milk often in my cereal so I don't know why this happens
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