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How high does it need to be?

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I remember a thread about a kitty that threw up it's food after eating and someone suggested putting the food higher up on something.
Can anyone tellme how high to put it? I have a cat that is throwing up after eating sometimes and I want to try this mostly because I am not sure which cat it is though I have my suspicions because there are two of them eating cat grass alot, but the ick that is on the floor is half digested food(pardon the graphics) not cat grass. so can anyone help me? All my cats are healthy none are loosing weight or are dehydrated in any way, so I want to try this before I resort to taking ALL of them to the vet to be checked out.
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I just use fire bricks- lay them on their side out in a space big enough to put the food bowl on and it works great. Of course if you have a kitten, you could have a problem.
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Nope, no kittens. all monster cats! LOL! I didn't even think about bricks. I'll have to try that. right now I have one food bowl on a pie plate( see how much I bake? LOL) and the other one on a can of cat food. hey they work so far only one incident of puke so far this week and it was before I put them up so, I'd say, so far so good?
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Yep! Works every time, makes them relax their throat when they eat and they eat slower.
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My cat Callie used to barf up her Cat Chow several times a week. But, when I changed to Science Diet (for one of the other cats) Callie completely stopped barfing. I don't know whether it is the size of the Science Diet (small balls rather than stars) or the higher quality of the food. Anyway, it might be that your cat just can't tolerate the food you are feeding her, so it might be worth trying a different food.
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I'd try that but Rocket is allergic to chicken so we started him on Pro Plan beef and rice and he's been good with that since he was 6 mos old( he's 3 now) Plus Isis won't eat anything BUT the dry food and I'm afraid that changing her food will cause her to STOP eating all together so I'd rather try this first before doing something that drastic but thank you for your suggestion.
So far so good, no puking as of yet. Hopefully this fixed the problem.
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