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Blood in stool and losing weight (Long)

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Just two days ago, I found my cat Ryo (11 month Bengal) locked in a room and just so happened took a dump right in the room which I noticed one thing, the stool was very black -- I didn't think too much of it at the time but yesterday a friend told me black stools usually mean digested blood.

At this time, I didn't hesitate to take him to the vet. I told him what I found and he asked the usual questions which I followed with:

He hasn't been throwing up which usually rules out that he ate something he shouldn't have. (I haven't noticed anything unusual)
He's an indoor cat and the stool sample I gave the vet found no parasites. Occasionally (once per month) he has got outside but not longer than 5 minutes.
He eats Nature's Variety Raw Instinct Dry Food (No Grain) because he is incredibly picky. When he was 6-7 months, anything with grain would give him diarrhea and half the dryfood we give him he won't touch or would eat around it.
We have no paint lying open (No painters), we do not eat beats or anything of the sort. The only other food we have given him is turkey, ham and chicken.
We have only 1 cat and in no contact with any other cats. We also have 2 shelties.

Also, the food I give him now -- He seems to only eat it when I put it in the dish but he only nibbles. I'll give him 1 cup in the morning and I'll come home from work -- more will be there and he'll whine that he's hungry. I point to the food, he smells it and looks at me. I fill some more in it and only then will he eats more. (He's very very picky)

The doctor didn't seem to have any idea of what could possibly cause it. He suggested a few things:
Coagulation (He explained what this meant but I have no idea)
Check for some rare parasites.

I opted for the coagulation which included a CBC (Complete Blood Count) and I won't hear my results until Monday. X-rays wasn't recommended by him because he thinks that if he ate something dense enough to be picked up on an x-ray, he'd be throwing up.
The rare parasites exam also wasn't recommended because he's an indoor cat.

After getting home from the vet, I went to clean his litterbox and he jumped right in to use it just as I was watching. The stool again, was very very black but the other thing I noticed is it looked like he had some trouble going. It almost looked as if he had to force it out. (The vet does not know this yet)

On top of all of this, he's losing weight. He's at a 12.8 LB and when I last brought him in, he was just above 15 LBs. He didn't seem overweight at 15 LBs and at 12.8 LBs he is much skinnier than before.

If anyone has any suggestions or can point me into some direction, it would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time,
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Have you talked with his breeder???

Was the fecal a float test??
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I haven't contacted my breeder yet.

The test on the bill is: Fecal Parasite (Egg) Test -- Vet confirmed that it was a float test.
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we are going through the same problem, our cat is almost 1 year old with exactly the same problem, blood in the stools and not eating, our little cat has now lost so much weight its worrying, the vet keeps telling us to try different foods which dont seem to be workin so we are running out of time, we have had blood tests done and awaiting results. It all seemed to start with a mouth ulser that the cat had a couple of weeks ago and has just got worse from there, does anyone have any suggestions (what kind of foods) all our cat seems to be doing just now is drinking water.

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