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My sister is a

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Pain she pulled up behind me at the house earlier and I didn't see dad well she asked where Billy was and I said I think he is in the garage and she shouted at me and said "I'm not talking to you." And I told her that she didn't need to talk to me like that. And then I went upto the house and I was checking it out cause dad had the air on for the first time in the new house. And when I was went back out I had my cell and it has music on it that my niece likes well I was playing it and she shouts at me stop messing with her with that phone. And I went on back inside cause I didn't feel like arguing.

Well they were getting ready to leave and I went out by the car and Kaylee picked up a handful of rocks and I told her to put them down and that she didn't need them. For one because she could put them in her mouth for another I don't allow kids to play with rocks especially around the cars. Well my sister told me to shut up and that I didn't need to tell her Kaylee what to do even though she was trying to get her away from the rocks. And so I told her that if she felt that way then she didn't need to ask me to babysit ever again.

I know I overreacted but I do not appreciate being talked to like that especially since we had company. Am I wrong for this.
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What is your sister's issue? Wow- i would have been soo annoyed!
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From what you've said, I don't think you over reacted at all. Maybe your sister was just having a bad day and took it out on you? You may want to call her in a day or two and try to talk it out and find out what was wrong.
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Good grief, what the heck? D: It seems so weird that she would act like that. You definitely aren't over reacting. Hopefully she'll realize she over reacted and apologize...
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