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Tika Pictures

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Tika is by far the most photogenic of my pack!

So I snapped a couple pictures and thought I'd share. Enjoy!

Tika & DeeDee (sorry bad quality, taken with my camera phone)

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Oh, the sweetness!!! Great pics!
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Tika and DeeDee look so sweet together like that.
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Aww, what a precious baby! Tika is very photogenic, adorable pictures!
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Originally Posted by LitterBoxQueen View Post
I like this picture the most for some reason. She's cute!
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what a sweet kitty!!
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Awww, she's so cute! That last pic is really sweet.
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Thanks for the compilments! She knows she's a pretty princess.

Yeah, DeeDee and her are practically attached at the hip! Probably because they're biological sisters! I find it adorable to find them cuddled up around the house.
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What cutie pies--all of 'em!! More pics anytime will be fine.
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Those are great! She is adorable!
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Aww beautiful pictures, love the snuggle.
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What nice kitties in a very sweet"heart" picture - I actually though they had a heart shaped bed, but it is just their sleeping position - how pretty!
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That last pic does look like a heart awwwwwwwww

What a beautiful girl Tika is

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She is so pretty! I love the last pic!
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What a doll! I am so partial to tabbies! probably because I have 2.
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