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Nine more stinkin days

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My DH gets his license back in nine days. Woooo Hoooo, I won't have to drive him everywhere anymore. I especially hate driving him to work because it's takes 40 min. both ways. I think once he can drive again I might just not drive for a couple days. That how sick of it I am. I hate driving in the first place.
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Aww no good, glad he's getting it back though! Last year Tristan lost his liscence for 30 days, his dad had to drop him to work then pick him up at night. He also finishes much earlier than his dad so he had to wait a couple of hours when he finished. Trying to see him during the week was interesting!
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Rob lost his license for a year - his senior year in HS. We carpool right now to work anyway, so I guess it wouldn't really make a difference if he had one or not. He does most of the driving though, I just drive between my job and his - he drives the longer distance between his job and home.
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The first 7 years I was with my SO, he had no driver's license. It drove me nuts. I had to drive everywhere we went. Now I only drive if I am the designated driver on the rare occasions when we go out.
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