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the peliminiary test are back and......

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The results are negative for cancer! I'm so relived! Now maybe I can focus on other things in my life that have been pushed to the back of the stove so to speak.
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Yippeeee! Great news!!!

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That is great news Barb!
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That is such wonderful news - this has got to be proof that the board magic works!

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I'm glad things are on a positive swing!
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Good for you! You must feel like a whole tonne has just been lifted off your shoulders!. Congradulations! Keep us posted on anything new that occurs. (ie; appointments and such)
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That is SUCH good news!!!!!! I was thinking about you today and I am glad to hear everything is okay!!!!!!!
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So glad to hear it!
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What great news! Time to get on with life.
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Board magic at it's all time best.
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you all are the best, what would I do with out you?

(shudder) I NEVER want to find out!
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That is great news!
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Barb - I'm so happy to hear that! How wonderful for both of you. Must be a BIG relief!!!!!!!!!


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Somehow I missed the fact that you had to have tests. I glad to hear the results were negative.
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Not me hon, My s/o. He had a mole removed from his face and they thoght it was cancerous. but thankfully it wasn't.
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Wow, I really did miss the boat on that one. Glad to hear he's ok.
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Barb, just checking in. Everything still OK?

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OH my gosh,I totally dropped the ball on this one. HE finally found out that they got it all. he is cancer free. I am so sorry I didn't tell you all. I meant to I really did. but it's been such a bad month I totally forgot who I told and who I didn't. I am sorry. I stink! Thank you for asking. you're the greatest.
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That is terrific news!

I'm glad that that will be one less worry for both of you! On to bigger and better things now!!!!!
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I'm so happy for you two! That must have been so scary - I'm glad everything is ok! :daisy:
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barb - glad everything turned out okay!
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Barb, don't every say stuff like that about yourself! Your friends are here to remind you they need an update if that's the case.... we know people get busy, it happens to all of us. We don't feel unloved!

Gary spent many years in the sun and has many moles and scary looking freckles on his back. It worries me sick. We've got to get to a Doctor and get his back mapped.

I'm so glad to hear that's all behind you now!

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That is fantastic news! I am so happy for you!
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you guys are the greatest!
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Just keep an eye on those things. Both of my maternal grandparents, Mom and I have had several suspicious lesions removed. Fortunately, all of mine have been either benign or slow-growing. Add 45 years of Arizona sun and.....

Glad he's OK. Laurie, keep an eye on Gary. I have Bill check the moles on my back, on a regular basis.
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