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Litter Box Question

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Currently, I'm using Feline Pine litter with an enclosed box:

Because I try to scoop at least twice daily, I'm not very fond about having to open and close the box (and snap it shut) every single time - may not seem like much work, but would really save some time if you add it all up =P In addition, the thing is huge and takes up a lot of space in my tiny bathroom.

I used to use an open litter box with clay litter, but when Julius started digging, the litter would be thrown everywhere, thus the change to an enclosed box. Then shortly after that, the change to FP.

Anyway, if I continue to use FP litter, would there be a mess problem if I switched him back to an open litter box? Or are the pellets too heavy to be flung out? I would try myself but he doesn't seem to take to major changes too well, and I'd hate to put him through trial and error in case he stops using the box.

Also, are there any other litter boxes you would recommend for my situation? I'm open to hearing any opinions anyone may have. Thanks!
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You have the same deep one I have. It should work fine without the lid. I took mine off too and even tho Charlie's the digger, they haven't gotten 1/2 the litter on the floor like in shorter pan. Try it and see what happens.
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Gracie was kicking out some pellets while she was using a 3.5" deep litter box, but it doesn't seem to be happening with her new 4.5" deep box. Also, her pellets were mixed with clay in the old box, so it was much easier for her to dig.
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You can try the storage containers that sell for $3.99 at Kmart. they are deeper. JC is a Maine Coon and can really fling the litter! Also, I use chicken feed (mash & crackettes, I provide each so the kitties can choose for themselves) mixed with a small amount of Arm & Hammer Fragrance Free clumping for the litter - very economical AND the cats don't dig as much since they aren't dealing with a foreign smell. Since you keep up on the cleaning, the feed would probably work well for you - the scent is a fresh grain scent, much less noticeable to humans than the pine and you'll prob. notice that your cat does less licking to get the litter's scent out of his fur
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I've seen a closed box in walmart where you can open the lid without having to take it off and then snap it back on. It's called hinged lid design. Similar to this one.
The walmart box wasn't exactly the same, but something similar. It was red for 12.99$, I believe.
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Originally Posted by catsknowme View Post
the scent is a fresh grain scent, much less noticeable to humans than the pine and you'll prob. notice that your cat does less licking to get the litter's scent out of his fur
Have you used pine pellets? They don't have a strong odor. I've used both oak and pine, and neither has a very noticeable scent.
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I didn't want to make a whole new thread for this, so I'll just continue in here.

For those with diggers, how high do you recommend the litter box to be? My boyfriend just bought him one of those regular litter boxes, but with higher sides as well as that extra rim on top to help keep litter in.

Something like this:

But a tad bit lower and the rims are more rounded and reach in more, but gah, now he's trying to dig his way to China

This is so so much easier for me to scoop numerous times daily AND frees up a lot of space in my small bathroom.

I'm not handy at all, so wouldn't be able to make my own litter box, so if anyone has any more recommendations on litter boxes to use, please let me know, thanks!

P.S. Also, how can I tell if the litter box is the right size for him? He's still growing and the new one seems like it JUST fits him right now...wondering if I should go back and exchange it for a bigger one. How much space are they supposed to have in the box?
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The one that the OP has pictured is probably the deepest one for diggers. Ours love it.

I've got a smaller dish pan one for shows, and Charlie seems to think its too small - I may look into a little longer one for shows - more of the storage containers.
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I was drooling over these awhile back
tidycats litter pan
Didn't end up getting one because chester is a large cat (anywhere from 15-20lbs) and I wanted to make sure he had lots of room in his covered pan. I'd say these are a good medium-large size where I got chester a "jumbo" pan.

I also know a lot of people on here who use FP also have a set of those sifting pans to make cleanup of the dust easier. They're open topped though, and not the highest on the sides.

Anywho, them's my iders.

Edit: Ummm...did I just use the words "drooling" and "litterpan" in the same though sequence *shakes head* Sometimes I wonder about my sanity
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Clevercat, the best invention since the light bulb.
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Just wanted to say thank you for all your replies

I'm going to have to do some more trial and error to see what works best for our home, although I just ordered a CleverCat litter box from ebay. I like the idea of the lid being a litter mat as well, since our mat is another annoying thing that takes up precious space in the bathroom along with that chunky enclosed box. Maybe if the CleverCat box works really well, I'll be able to place it somewhere outside the bathroom.

Thanks! I'll let you know how it goes.
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I know you already ordered a new litter box but I wanted to add that I have the Booda Dome and while it's covered, the lid doesn't snap on so you just have to pick it up to get into the box.

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Three words: I love Clevercat.

It's just like a rubbermaid box with a lid and a hole in it, but it works amazingly well for us. Tracking has been minimized to almost none and it's impossible for him to fling litter out Plus, I'm loving the fact that the lid acts as a tracking mat, too, because it saves me a *lot* of space in my bathroom!

So, I found my solution.
Thanks all!
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