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Food related question

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I'm extremely paranoid about food after having food poisoning. I asked John to bring home some food since there's nothing in the house. He said he'd stop at McDonalds. I talked to him at 4:30 and he was getting ready to stop and get the food and head back... but ended up stopping a bunch of places and still isn't back at 6:00. I just talked to him on the phone and said he'd be back in about half an hour and the food has been sitting in the non air conditioned car (and it's in the low 80s outside) since 4:30. Now I'm paranoid and I'm afraid it will be no good to eat. Your thoughts?
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It seems pretty normal for you to be worried after something horrible like that!! I'm so sorry!
As for the take-out...if you feel strongly ask him to pick up something fresher...even if it's just another burger!
Don't be ashamed of being scared and eventually you will have a little more faith in food.
But it's not a bad thing at all to be cautious! A "better safe than sorry" sort of thing!

Hope you have a enjoyable dinner!
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I got food poisoning once from KFC left in a car too long. Like yourself, I would be leary of it.
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I sure wouldn't eat it.
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I don't blame you for being worried. Personally, I don't think I would eat the food if it's been sitting out that long. Maybe you guys can go out to a nice restaurant for dinner instead?
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That's along time to have ground beef sitting out. I wouldn't chance it. What you described are perfect growing conditions for bacteria.
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I have food poisioning twice- the last time it wound up with me having to be put into the ER back in March and it resulted in Colitis. I was sick for two straight weeks and missed work. It was horrible. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. My motto is "when in doubt, don't eat it!" Better to be safe than sorry!
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Absolutely don't eat it! With fastfood, you're lucky if it's not already brimming with pathogens when you get it -- you sure don't want to give it a chance to grow even more of 'em!
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Reality: it was probably cold to begin with, if its like the fast food restaurants around here.

Food left in the danger zone for 4 hours HAS to be thrown out, no chance of re-heating.

Yours, if reheated to (technically) 165 degree F for 15 seconds would kill bacteria. But, as we know, that would fry it.

So, I would have to say chance it or don't eat it.

The food service golden rule is: when in doubt, throw it out.
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