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New Hampshire and SO EXCITED!

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So, since last summer I have been trying to work everything (financial and time-wise...etc) out so that I can go with my SO to his family's house in New Hampshire....and FINALLY I have worked it out to go for this Christmas!!!

I am SO excited. I have never seen those parts of New England. The house is even on Lake Sunappee! That means ice skating (if i'm lucky)!!! And there will be skiing and sledding too!! (This is big news for a Floridian!) Good thing I'm not concerned about the COLD weather!

Is anyone from this area? I've seen some beautiful pictures from this part of the country...but never been able to go!

Either way...just very, very, VERY happy and excited!

Oh...and it will be my first flight alone so I'm a little nervous too!
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I'm from Massachusetts, but often visit New Hampshire. I really enjoy living in New England.

I hope it is a snowy, cold Christmas up there for you.
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Awww, you sound so excited!! Congrats on finally getting to go!

Have fun
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Congratulations on getting to go! I live in the area, about 10 minutes north of Concord. I'd say we're about 45 minutes from Lake Sunapee. I love living in New Hampshire - it's so beautiful. Especially when you live away from the cities. It's so nice and quiet. Hope you have a great time, especially since you're going to be right next to the lake - you're gonna have a blast!
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I've never been there, but would love to visit as well as visit vermont in the fall. I love Fall leaves!!!

Hey - don't worry though, after growing with all 4 seasons all my life, I can't picture myself living without it. I would dearly miss the snow.
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