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Update on Josh

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Just thought I'd let you all know... I brought Josh to the animal hospital today. You really do get what you pay for, I guess.

The area was very small last night, but by the time I got him to the vet it had become 3 times it's size.

They recommended sedation, a drain, and stitches and gave me an estimate of anywhere between $545 - $989. There's no way I can afford that. They said they did offer a payment plan but I would need to give them 1/3 of the highest estimate which was around $370... again, no freakin way can I afford anything near that.

So instead... they buzzed a bit more around the area... cleaned and flushed it really well, gave me an antibiotic to give him 2x a day and told me to apply warm compresses 3x a day, and if I couldn't keep him from scratching at it to cut a tube sock open at both ends and slip it over his head.

I pray that this will work. He didn't have a temperature and his heartbeat was good. They couldn't get him to stop purring...

So I guess all in all he'll be okay. I may just call the clinic tomorrow and see how much they would charge for the stitches... just out of curiosity. I have to call to cancel the biopsy anyway.

Thank you all for all your great wishes and advice. I'll let you know how it looks as he goes on.

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a long time a go I had a cat ,He was shot with a pellet gun, we had no idea until the infection burst, I couldn't afford vet care either, I bought the antibiotics, and did the warm compress thing, I learned that as long as you can keep it open and draining, the infection clears up. do not let it scab over. It took a few weeks but he was fine. I hope Josh gets better soon
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Spot had recurring abscesses and he couldn't tolerate most antibiotics. We would do the warm compress thing and saline flushes. He didn't need surgery until the problem recurred several times, and even then, surgery didn't really help. Putting the drain in (which is often a piece of tube or a string that keeps the wound open) allows the wound to stay open until the infection can be cleared out completely. Saline flushes can help keep the wound clean while it heals. You don't want the wound to heal over too quickly as it can seal in the bacteria--therefore, I wouldn't recommend stitches that would close up the wound.
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He's not tolerating the warm compresses. Honestly, I think it's finished draining... but there *is* an open area about the size of a pea. I just can't even believe they wanted to charge me that much.

OKay, so keep it open, but I have to keep it covered because he keeps scratching at it. It'll never heal if I don't keep it covered. I could try clipping his hind nails. I usually only clip the front ones.

So don't let it scab... keep it moist. Should I do moist dressing with saline? I think he would tolerate that well. I actually have some saline from when I had my wound... but that's another story for another time.

I'm gonna have to put a bandage over his hind paws!! That's an option. Maybe if I do that I can take the sock off his neck. But I'd have to keep him seperated from JJ because JJ will want to lick it. It's just in such a weird place. If it was on his back or side... Oh what am I saying... no matter where it is he would be able to lick it... and I might not be able to keep it covered as easily as I'm able to now. So, God, I don't know. He played for the first time tonight. I mean *real* play... not like forcing himself to play play... he really wanted to.

Anyway... I'll let you know how it looks tomorrow.
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Yeah, Spot wasn't really thrilled with the warm compresses either. I usually did them in the bathroom where I could pin him down better. Poor Spot's was right above his eye.
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He's not going for those warm compresses at all.. The only reason the vet said not to use ointment was fear of ingestion, so I'm going to clean the area real well with peroxide and keep that sock on his head... and to make sure the area doesn't scab over I'm going to stick a pad with a nice amount of neosporin on it inside the sock. The sock will keep it in place right over that area.
It's morning now and he just a short play session with JJ. He should sleep most of the day now. That's normal. I'll look high and low for my animal nail clippers... I just used them the other day! Grrrrrrr I lose everything!!
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