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Post Your Valentine Cards Here!!!

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A little history of the holiday...

The widely practiced tradition of sending cards, letters, and poems as part of Valentine's Day got a late start in America, but the tradition of celebrating the day has a long history. The origin of St. Valentine's Day stems from the days of Claudius II in the third century, when a Roman priest named Valentinus was persecuted and imprisoned for helping Christian martyrs. On the eve of his beheading, he wrote a farewell note to his friend, the daughter of the jailer. He signed the note "From Your Valentine." The date was February 14th.

Valentinus' death took place at a time of year when the pagan feast Lupercalia was celebrated. The beheading, which was public, was probably incorporated into the pagan celebration. As Christianity spread throughout the world, Christian priests began to look favorably upon pagan festivals, turning them into Christian celebrations. It is likely that Lupercalia became increasingly associated with Valentinus and his departing message, leading to the eventual popularity of sentimental cards and letters.

Okay........ We all know how much we love our cats but did we know how much they loved each other??? I look forward to reading and seeing the posts on this thread! I know that they will be pretty, colourful, silly, humorous, kind, loving and most of all (I hope) FUN!!!

Let the games begin!!!!!!!
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I do not have any idea how to do a cyber card! Could you give me some tips on how to do this?
Thank you Sherral
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LOL! Okay if anyone had any questions please email me bundy.lee@webone.com.au and I will answer them there! I want to keep this free for the cards if I can!

sherral46 can you email me?
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