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Human Food

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This probably isn't the first time this thread has been started...but I am wondering about giving human food to my kit. She sometimes begs for nibbles at dinner times...

First of all, do many people feed human treats to the babies?
Is it bad?
I know chocolate is bad, but what else is bad for her?
Is there anything that is acceptable or even good for her?

Thanks for any info!
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has a KNOWN poison chart
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Oliver's a begger too - more so for his cat cookies, but he MUST check out your dinner plate (this started when I was in college and ate a lot of meals at my desk which he was allowed on or on the floor - not really sure why I even had a kitchen table haha)... if he's interested in something on your plate, he will put a paw on the edge of the plate... sometimes I will give him a nibble of unseasoned chicken, beef, shrimp, fish, etc... sometimes he just plays with it, other times he'll eat it - he likes to attack the tails off my shrimp too haha

The site Sharky posted is good
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I sometimes will let Bea lick a little icecream off my finger cuz I know how much she loves it but I would never give her a scoop or bowl of the stuff. I always give the kitties a little tuna fish too, but I guess that's kinda kitty food...
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I usually share my food... even though I shouldn't. The other night they had a few bites of roasted turkey.

What helps with begging: Eat at the table, cats stay on the floor. No, sitting in the chair next to you while begging does not count as table manners.
Don't let them see you take the food right off your plate and don't feed them near the table. Feed them from their own dishes.

Mine will still linger around when I'm eating, but they won't push their way into my food. However, if I'm at my desk with my plate in my lap I'm liable to get a cat in the middle of my plate. My fault, not the cats.
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George needs to sniff everything that goes near your mouth - food to lip gloss! About 99% of the time he turns up his nose and walks away. He does like a little turkey every now and then tho.
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I live alone, so I eat on the couch with a TV tray. Seamus immediately jumps up to check out what's on my plate and will paw at the plate. Most of the time, I just shove his face lightly and he's off... if it's something he knows I've given him to nibble on... he's a little more persistent. He's also waiting for me to put down my balled up napkin so he has a toy If he likes the smell of what I'm eating, I get nose kisses while I eat (ok he's just sniffing my breath, but still )

The big thing is I don't cave and give him a bite while at the couch... otherwise he won't ever leave me alone... if he gets a bit of what I'm eating it's while I prepare my plate or if there's scraps.
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Chocolate, spicy, onions are some of the things NOT to give dogs/cats. Most anything else is fine in moderation. I feel as long as the cats are eating their own food, it doesn't hurt to give people food.

Our cats and dog know they get a little "extra" in their bowls after dinner.
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