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Loosing trust...

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I think I am loosing Konne’s trust every day…
I took in mama and her 3 kittens from my back yard. They are feral.
(see my post for detail http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=143049)
Since 2 kittens are pretty tame, that made me feel like Konne also trusts me.
But she is 2 year old cat and trust to human doesn’t come easy.

Today, I left cage door open and left the room for a while.
All kitties came out and were exploring the room.
Konne came out of the cage for the first time.

When I needed to get going, I had to put them back in to the cage, but that ended up with chase.
Konne was very mad and I totally lost trust from her.
Me = someone who causes fearful events!
I am soooo depressed.

I am only keeping them until the week of 10/15 for their booster shot.
After that, I am releasing them in to my back yard.
I should pretty much give up bonding with Konne and focus on keeping good relationship with 2 tame kittens…
I think I am toooo impatient since we only have 3 weeks....

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You are going to continue caring for Konne and the kittens, or ??? Yes, it's hard to deal with knowing she doesn't trust you, but remember, she is feral and doesn't trust humans, period, for very good reason. That doesn't mean you can't continue being kind and caring to her! That sure won't hurt.
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Yes!!! I will keep caring for all 4 of them no matter what.
I don't stop doing that.

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