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My Boxer Shalimar

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This is Shalimar. She is a 3 year old brindle Boxer.

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She is beautiful!!
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what a pretty little girl!!!
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AHHH what a cutie ... bet the cat are the bosses
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OMG! She's beautiful! I've always loved brindled boxers. She has the most wide-eyed expression on her face.
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She's gorgeous! Of course, I've got a real weakness for Boxers - they're terrific dogs.
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Shalimar is lovely!! Bf and I are talking about getting a Boxer around Christmas time. We want a brindle as well! She really is a beautiful girl
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Aack...Shalimar is beautiful!!! I love her *big* eyes!!
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Thank you for all the nice comments As for the boss of the house it is Veeshan. But Shalimar does think she is cat most of the time.
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What a sweetie! I love boxers.
My aunt had a boxer as I was growing up. She was the smartest dog ever. They lived on a lake and she would swim to each boat looking for my uncle when it was time for dinner.
When my cousins went off to college, my aunt could not understand why the dog was crying at one intersection all the time when in the car. The boys admitted they always stopped at the ice cream stand at the intersection to get her a baby cone.
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Awww, she's gorgeous!! I just LOVE Boxers and brindle is my favorite color! .... I'm going to go steal her now.
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She's very pretty!
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She's just lovely!!!
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Oh what a pretty girl! My In-laws have a boxer-shepard mix that I just adore! So yeah I have a boxer weakness too.
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You know, I never realized how upward curved a Boxer's nose is!!

I adore Boxers, esp. Brindle ones. She is just brilliantly colored...stunning!
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