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Speaking of hairballs/ food

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Does hairball food REALLy help?? My cat has been eating hairball food for a long time, and he still coughs it up about once every other week.
So if it does work, then is there something wrong with my boy??

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Which hairball foods??

do you feed wet??
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I haven't found that they prevent furballs entirely; I'd recommend Petromalt or another gel paste of that type weekly. That seems to do the trick better than any food or treats, around here at least! And of course there's no substitute for brushing and combing.
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hm, I think they only help.
I get Laxatone from my vet and keep it in the cupboard. I only give it to them if I hear them coughing although if you have a long hair you might want to give it once a month for prevention.

I also used Catlax, which also works well...
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Thanks for responses...my cat eats Whiskas hairball control, I tried changing him to wet food since I found this site ( I just got Baby over a month ago, and he was raised on dry), but he is pretty stubborn..I had no idea that dry food was bad for cats. He won't even eat a treat!! Anyways this will be a plan in the working..
I will try the Laxatone.
Actually I think it may be more than that...he's brought up his food the last two days..this morning it was almost dry, what he heaved up..I'll have to see what's going on with him.Hoping nothing to serious!
Thanks again!!
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I would actually recommend going to the local pet store and looking at these brands

Royal canin
California natural

all to my knowledge either claim for hairball control in some formulas or have things that help them...

If he is still heaving monday a vet check is in order
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My kitty has been doing really good on Natural Balance Indoor (wet) -it's for hairballs. I rotate this every other can. She also eats Nutro Natural Choice Indoor for Adult (dry)- helps prevent hairballs too. Since she started these two types of food last month, there has been no hairballs. I also brush her on a regular basis.
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