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Miss Cammie

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I finally got a few new Pictures of Cammie, and she is also doing very well, She has put all of her weight back on and seems to be Great

Miss Cammie looking pretty

This is my Da Bird

I Love kicking its fanny

I'm pretty done now

Actually I am sick of this Da Bird
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Oh that last pic is absolutely PRICELESS!!! Miss Cammie is such a lovely lady!
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aww she is a cutie, that last picture is hilarious
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Aww... Queen Cammie is looking great! I'm very glad to hear that she's doing so well again.
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Oh how cute!! I absolutely love how she is sticking her tongue out at Da Bird in that last picture! You have one lovely girl!
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Cammie is a sweetie -- lovely pics, too.
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What a pretty girl She looks so soft
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Originally Posted by halfpint View Post

Actually I am sick of this Da Bird

Om my gosh, what a picture!!!

She's SO gorgeous!
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Oh, I love Miss Cammie!! What a beautiful doll baby! Big kisses to you sweetheart and glad to hear your feeling better.
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what a pretty girl!
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She looks GREAT Lois...Love that tongue pic OMG
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Awww, look at the pretty princess!

I love the last photo! What a nut!
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Thanks Guys shes pretty silly when DA Bird is out..
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Oh good grief Lois, can Miss Cammie get any prettier?!

It's great to see her back to normal again
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Im glad shes feeling better, Lois. Her coat looks really good, too. Shes such a pretty girl
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