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FIP? Hairball? Something else? =x

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Hi there. =/

Ever since yesterday my very old cat (14) Prince has been acting very
strange. He's very lethargic, and when I go to pick him up he feels light and
doesn't struggle much. (Which is very different as he's usually pretty hefty
and struggles at least a bit). He keeps his head down and isn't keen on being
picked up. He doesn't come running me to like usually and doesn't seem to
enjoy me petting him (though he does seem to like a good combing). Every
so often he'll make a motion like he's going to puke but doesn't. I'm taking
him to the vet in about 2 hours, but if anyone has any idea what this could
be (and to come on so suddenly), I'd be happy to hear it.


~ Distressed
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Old cats are at risk for lots of disease and disorders. The more common old kitty diseases include diabetes, kidney failure, and hyperthyroidism. I believe all of them could cause vomiting. It could also be that Prince has a hairball or a blockage--has he been eating and using the litterbox?
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As far as I know, he hasn't been eating. He's lost alot of weight too. (was
around 10.90lbs at the vet, he's usually around 12 or 13lbs - he's a traditional
siamese, so he's kinda bulky, but usually very active). As for the litter box,
we have 2 other cats as well, so it's hard to tell. I havn't seen him use it
though, whenever I've passed by it or been watching him.

We just took him to the vet, they said they'd call us back in an hour
or so after they took the tests. All we can do now is wait. =|

On another note - he looks almost exactly like your cat Odo, except
without the white chin. Truely beautiful.
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it sounds like poison... I hope your kitty is okay
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Keep us updated on what you find out from the vet. Many common kitty diseases have treatments, even if they can't be cured. There are ways of keeping them comfortable with fluids, medications, or changes in diet. Each disease has its own treatment, so hopefully the blood tests will help determine what is ailing your Prince.
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Well ... we've taken him home from the vet, and It appears I overreacted (as per usual). The vet perscribed us Laxotone and we've been giving him that. Ever since then he seems to be feeling better. (Although he's none too happy about hairball goo rubbed into his paws ).

Since he is old I do tend to overreacted, always afraid he's caught some contagious disease or yes ... any of the things everyone else listed above. Apparently he just needs more fiber in his diet, and more importantly I need to brush him more often .

If there's any change I'll keep you all updated - thank all again for your support!
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I figure it's better to overreact than underreact. You never know if it could be something serious, and sometimes you luck out with an easy treatment, like adding more fiber.
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