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Daily Thread TGIF 28 September

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Hey everyone,

A bit late today, my wife booted me off so she can surf the net today.

OK so today Ryu munched some leaves of one of my plants, peeved me off a little coz the plant looks horrible now.

I must say though he is a stocky little lad, I reckon he will be the biggest cat soon. Thats if I don't decide to give the little rascal away

Nothing else to say.

Have a great day everyone, and remember, if you going to the pub after work have a few for me
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It's Friday It's Friday It's Friday Finally going to go see Transformers since I'm like the only person to not have seen it yet. Gunna get annivesary gifts
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Well a nice sunny fall day-put in alot of hours at a clients house.
Peeved at my sis as sh emade reservation for our parents to fly to her house. They drive here and I take them to airport but we might be on our vacation so now we have to channge our plans and she usd wrong airline-grrrrr

Better put a Stella in the freezer for a quick chill.
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Rainy and a bit on the cool side here most of the day. I just got home from work not to long ago.

I have a bit of a headache tonight and my feet are sore from a new pair of shoes I wore today...

Am making some chicken and a baked potato for dinner and am planning to take a long soak in the tub after that, that usually takes care of the aches and pains of the day.

The kitties are good, happy to see me as they usually are when I get home. They are having their dinner right now and I am sure will be tearing around shortly.
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Let's see, the day is almost over so I'll just tell you what I did.

I cleaned! Wooo hooo. Actually I gave some things a good scrubbing today. DH and I are eating dinner now. Home made mac and cheese and marinated swiss steaks. DH is watching a movie I'm not into so I'm in here.

Oh and I'm eating with a knife and a spoon because I need to do dishes.... It works well with steak. I just use the knife the slide the meat on the spoon.
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Well today we waited around for our new bed to be delivered. But no one showed up and when I checked my cell phone (which had been upstairs) the driver had called me to tell me he was outside. He NEVER knocked or rang the doorbell...both B and I were sitting right by the door.

So I had to reschedule to delivery for Monday. I checked to make sure that the driver is suppose to knock or not. I will give him this..he did try 4 times throughout my time slot to get a hold of me.

Then I finally figured out what the stink was in my car. Yesterday morning you could smell something like it had died in my car. I hadn't cleaned it since the move so I threw out old Subway wrappers and stuff thinking that there may be leftover bad food in there. Today it was still there and worse. B and I wanted to puke

I dug through the trunk to find a leftover grocery bag with chicken in it. and the gnats were all over in my trunk. So I immediately threw that out and used half the bottle of Febreeze. Then left the windows open all day.
I rolled them up tonight but could still smell that horrible smell. I plan on attacking it with Febreeze again tomorrow.
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