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Trapping Vibes needed!

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Trapping Vibes Needed

Please send vibes for us to catch 4 more lovely ferals - ladies if I'm lucky!!

Friday night is trapping night, Saturday is fixing day, LOL!

I need to get 4 - that's my quota for myself....

Also, Laphrogie is hanging close. Goosie (neutered boy
I took from the colony in Feb) is staying by her side.
They sheltered in my yard during storms last night.

Goose came to eat then flew out to be with her
They seem very close and bonded. Laphrogie h as transferred
her colony friendship/attachment to our household - Goose
is her "friend" now.

I will try to trap and get inside on Saturday/Sunday
and work for a spay at my local vets ASAP
- so send vibes for her recovery
trapping on Sunday!!
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Good Luck.

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Good luck and hope everything goes smoothly.

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Sending strong vibes that you catch those 4 kitties!

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Well, we caught (3) instead of 4 babies while trapping Friday.

So, I got one senior breeding Mama (she was 1 yr plus) and
1 small 3-6 mo female and 1 breeding male (1 yr old)...

Not a bad haul. Now have 7 fixed

I have 20 or so in the colony - I want to try for 6 cats
this time out to make up for the one(s) I didn't catch earlier.

I have 6 traps now, and one trap that did work last time has
been repaired.

I'm working really hard to get them in before the winter -
as it gets darker and colder it gets harder and harder for me
to trap on Fridays.

I am just so thrilled to be able to do even 4 at a time!!

I wish I could just catch only the
Mama cats, too but so far, I've netted only 4 of them. 3 were
breeding age over a year, 1 was not yet breeding. of the males (3) -
2 were not breeding age or barely, and one was over a year...

So I still have ones out there *sigh* and its getting that time, where the younger ones start maturing...

Send me good trapping vibes and weather for this coming Friday. I will be trying once more! I will take 6 traps with me and hope to net 5. Once
I hit my quote of 5, I'll stop trapping. I'll set all 6 traps just in case.

On better news - the bee box shelters are coming along. One is DONE!
Yayyy. Stuffed with nice straw and ready to go!!

Warm mama & kits place for the coming fall/winter... each shelter handles
4 to 6. The bottom part houses about 4 and there's a shelf that can cram another cat or 2 in when its REALLY bad out there... With 3 to 4 boxes, I can house about 16-20 cats in need... this is for when they don't go in
the sewers, when its too wet down there for them.

I am now working on plans for the feral feeding station - any good sites to check that people know of? I want to make something to keep the bowls
dry and keep them from being blown away..

okay, off now. I'll report more on the kitties next week - keep rooting for me. 8 down and 12 to go!!
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Oh, kkep up the good work! Bravo!
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Wow that is great!!

Here are my vibes. I know it is a big deal to get them before the cold winter !
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Excellent job! I'm sure there will be a considerable decrease in kitten during the springtime now that you've caught all ou did. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!
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Good job!
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