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Peeing in Sink??

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Recently, my kitty Choo Choo started to pee in the sink... he only pees... no pooping so I'm happy about that... and it's the bathroom sink downstairs, so it's really not that big of a deal but I'm worried he'll start doing it in all the sinks. His litter box is in that same bathroom and I thought maybe he did it because it was too full or what not but every time I've checked when he's peed in there, it's been either empty or almost empty... he does it right in front of me too. I've yelled at him and told him no, but he doesn't seem to get it... any ideas about why he does this and how I can stop him??
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Your cat may have an infection in the bladder or kidneys. He needs to be checked out to be sure he is OK. Please let us know how he is doing!
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Agreed that the first thing to do is call the vet and have him checked out for health issues. I hope it is not a UTI. Good luck!
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well he still pees in the litter box too... he only pees in the sink like twice a week maximum... could that still be a problem with his health? He doesn't pee anymore than he used to... only in a different place now...
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He is telling you the only way he can. He really should be checked out. Have you read the thread about Bentley? He had the same type of problem.
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I think my Chooy Kitty has a vet appointment coming up soon, so I'll just plan on asking then, I hope it's nothing serious... maybe he's just one crazy kitty
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I've had a couple of cats who were under the impression that anything that was shaped like a litterbox could be used as one. The basket I put the newspapers in, a box half-full of books (while moving house), a rather square chair with high sides...

Maybe your kitty has just noticed the similarity...
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and maybe he didn't. UTI's move quickly in a cat's system and they can die if not treated. Sorry, but that is the reality of this issue.

A cat is a fastidious creature and if he is peeing outside the litter pan there is a problem with

A. The Cat
B. The litter pan
C. The Environment
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We clean our boxes twice a day. Cats are very clean animals. They also have very sensitive noses.
Kidney problens can become a problem very quickly and your baby could die if not treated quickly.
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Its a good idea to clean the litter box - I have to clean them 2-3 times a day, better than cleaning up pee or poo off the floor or wherever they choose.
But I agree, your kitty needs to see a vet - my mums cat peed everywhere and I noticed blood and the vet found crystals - please take your furbaby to the vet!
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Originally posted by DragonLady
Kidney problens can become a problem very quickly and your baby could die if not treated quickly.
I want to emphasize this! We had a member several months ago whose cat DIED because he didn't take him to the vet quickly enough due to potty problems.

Usually when the peeing is due to a behavior problem they will pee on absorbant things like carpets, rugs, beds, etc. But, when they are peeing on cold smooth surfaces it is often because it hurts to pee and the cold surface makes them feel better. So, please move your vet appointment up and take kitty in ASAP. Make sure you tell the vet about the potty problems so the vet will know what to look for.

Let us know what you find out. (Read about Bentley a few threads down for a similar story about potty problems.)
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Please take him in! I just had a problem with one of my foster cats peeing all over the place. I was angry and frustrated, because I've never dealt with this kind of thing. I thought the cat was just stressed being in a new place, with 3 new cats to deal with. Hissy finally convinced me to take her in, and the vet said she had blood in her urine, so she definately had an infection! She's on antibiotics now for it. If I had waited longer, she could have needed surgery or worse!
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It's the "or worse" that I am always afraid about. I know of to many times where cat owners did not respond quick enough and take their cat in right away, and the cat died. It is a senseless death, and quite painful for the cat as well as the owner.
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Phew... sorry it's taken me so long to reply... busy busy busy... Chooy had an appointment and they said he was peachy keen... he still pees in the sink though... I think he might just think it's a litter box because he scratches in it like one... as long as he's okay, I'm gonna figure out how to deal with it... Thanks everyone :o)
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Alf is the same - he has had the all clear from sexy Brendan my super-dooper vet - but he uses the bathroom sink in the morning when I am using the wc. So there is me and Alf wee-ing and Ronnie running in and out of the bathroom telling us both to hurry up as she wants her brekkie. The joys of cat ownership.

He doesn't use it if I leave some water in the bottom of the sink, but I keep on forgetting. Thank-you for the reminder to do something about it.
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Glad to hear he is okay! I was concerned not hearing anything.

Ok so this is either his litterbox is to dirty for him, he might need a second litter box added or??? For now, start feeding him in the bathtub, he won't pee where he eats.
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