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Question of the Day - September 28th

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have any leaves started changing in your area yet? for those in the southern hemisphere, have any flowers started blooming?

I've seen a few trees with colored leaves, but I have a feeling after this lastest cool snap there's going to be a lot more
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Yup! There is A LOT of color around here right now- a lot of leaves are falling too!
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Very few most of the leaves that have turned are actually brown instead of red or yellow.
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Amazingly they have just started turning here. And we just got our first "real" rain last night here. Amazing because it's Oregon - It rains all the time right?

I love this time of year with the leaves turning the rain falling and the cool breezes through the window. Just makes me want to spend my day in the kitchen cooking and baking. LOL
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I noticed them starting to change about 2 weeks ago. There are a lot of leaves falling too.
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There's a bit of color here, but I think it'll be a few weeks before leaves start falling in earnest.
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You can definitely tell that it's autumn here. Overcast and raining. OK so that's not too different from the abysmal summer that we had, but it's colder. A few leaves on the ground but not much else.
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Yes, they have started turning here in Asheville. That means for us locals to prepare for the "leaf lookers". We are a tourist town, but its really busy around here this time of year.
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Here alot of the leaves are turning yellow and falling.
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I don't think any are changing yet, but will have to look when I go down for lunch!
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No leaves are turning here, although the first day of Autumn was the 23rd, still 85-90 degrees every day. Had alot of rain that has greened the grass and we're still mowing the lawn.
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Evergreen state = lots of evergreens. But those deciduous trees we DO have are turning red, at least a bit in the middle.
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Still green here, too.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
have any leaves started changing in your area yet? for those in the southern hemisphere, have any flowers started blooming?

I've seen a few trees with colored leaves, but I have a feeling after this lastest cool snap there's going to be a lot more
It's really funny that you asked this question because I was going to post a thread about how fall is really here! I'm at work today and my boss needed me to run to the post office. It's only about 2 blocks away so I just walked and I was noticing all the leaves on the ground and how everything is going from Summery green to Fallish brown and gold. So yes, the leaves have started changing colors in New York!!
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Northern N.H. is 60% fall foliage color! The "leaf peepers" will be on their buses headed up here! Since it has been so dry, my red maple in my front yard is losing leaves and has been since August! Grrrrr....I wish that it would rain!
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Just in a few spots. It's a tad early for us to get them here.
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Yes, there have been colours for a couple of weeks at least, and some falling. It's quite breezy and fresh this morning, so I guess there will be more on the ground today. The peak of the colours will likely be around Thanksgiving (second week of October), and it will likely be two or three weeks after that, before the big blow that takes the rest down. But, it's Fall, no question about it.
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Yes the leaves are beautiful , red, orange and yellow, they are starting to cover the lawn, It was -1 C this morning, had to scrape the windows
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Not quite, I guess they are sort of. Starting to look yellow. I can't wait till they do change though!
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Leaves are changing around here too! I was excited when I saw them start to turn...spring and fall are my favorite seasons!!
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In far Northern Wisconsin the colors are at peak. I'm about 10 days away from peak color-however with such a dry summer there won't be a big color display.
The black walnut trees are almost bare of leaves and the popple trees are dropping leaves as well as the ash trees.
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Sadly we don't have pretty leaves in the fall here.
The leaves usually just go brown at the first freeze.
And as of now, we are still in the 90s...I think next week will be the coolest yet...highs in the 80s...personally I can't wait for REALLY cool weather!!!
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The trees started turning about a week or so ago. It will be a couple of weeks before we get peak color. I love heading up north for a color tour.

We need pictures!!!
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Yes and some of them are turning a gorgeous colour!. Theres a house that i pass and the leaves have turned a dark red, their so lovely i wish i knew what they were?
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Yeah, we have a few changing. I saw one today that was the most beautiful, brilliant yellow. The fiery reds are my fave though. Fall is so great, I just don't like what comes after.
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The leaves are getting very colorful here in central ontario. We had a couple of frosty nights so that has helped them along quite a lot. The birch and willow leaves are already starting to fall but the maple, oaks, basswood and elms are still turning.
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I havent noticed many leave changes yet. Then again, it still feels like the middle of summer here in Charleston!! I miss living in NJ and seeing the trees change in September.
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Yes, the leaves are beginning to change here in NE Ohio. And for those of us who live near the great lakes, I have heard that all to familiar weather term used already LAKE EFFECT.Yes, when I hear that, I know autumn is here and we all know what will soon follow
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