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Cats that spray

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I have a question about my neutered male cat. I actually have 2 male cats, 3 & 4 years old. They're normally very good cats. I've never had a problem with them spraying, scratching, or not using their litter boxes.
Well, we just recently moved. Neither of them seemed happy about it at first. They were very nervous and scared. They kept hissing and swatting at each other, even though they've happily lived together for the last few years. The second night we were in the new house, one of them jumped up on my lap and when I went to put him back down on the floor he sprayed me! Not the couch or the floor, ME.
I'm thinking this happened because of the move. Because at the time he was just scared... but is that all it is? And is it likely that this was a one time incident or should I be concerned about it happening again? And if one starts, is the other going to start too? We've been here for about a week now and they both seem more relaxed and at home, but I'm still worried.
Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!
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Moving to a new house is a big adjustment for a cat. Since you've already given them full run of the house, I'd get some Comfort Zone w/ Feliway diffusers to help calm them. You can also get the spray and spray it throughout your house every other day or so.

I have no experience with male cats (both of my cats are females) so I can't help you with the likelihood of him spraying again. I know someone will come along who can help you, though.
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Spraying as a result of stress is normal even for fixed cats. I have been sprayed by my spayed female when I brought her to an unfamiliar place. I also saw one of my neutered males spray (thankfully he did it in the litterbox) when he first experienced wearing a flea collar. I removed the collar immediately after seeing him so upset by it.
Both times it was a one time spray and never repeated once I removed whatever was stressing them.
Once your cats are settled and more at ease in your new home, you will have no problems with spraying. However, now you know how your boy reacts to abrupt changes in his surroundings. And it seems that he is more nervous than his buddy.
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If they haven't done it since, I say it was just an accident and the new place.

If it happens again, you might check for UTI especially if he's doing it outside the litter pan.
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Thanks for your comments!
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