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Okay experts! Help me out!

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I'm in the process of trying to get my kitties fixed but as you may remember from another thread, my vets are trying to hit me up for about $200 a piece. Would someone please give me a break down of what goes on and what is standard for a spay. I'm trying to determine if I'm getting charged for a bunch of unnecessary services. What is appropriate procedure and what is not? I'm just shocked that most of you are paying between $20 and $70 total for it and it's going to cost me $400. Something is just not right. Thanks!
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The cost is more regional than practical IMO. It would be hard to give you a break-down item by item because it would depend on the age and weight of the cat as far as how much sedation is used- and other variables.

Instead, perhaps this link will help you locate a low-cost program near you. Just a cautionary note. I found a place that is quite a drive from me that spays for $15.00 and neuters for $10.00. I took a couple of my ferals in to be fixed- and the quality of care they received sucked big time. I ended up having to shell out over $75.00 to take the one female back in to get repaired. The place has since shut it's doors- so cheaper does not mean it is better for the cat just because it hurts your pocketbook less.

Spay & Neuter
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Good news! Just got off the phone with Anna Hells vet. They are having a special this February. Anybody can bring thier healthy female cat in during that month and get a full spay for $37.00 (not including pain meds to go.) So I'm looking at about $114 for both. That even includes a free consultation visit and the after surgery visit. Woohoo!! Already made the consultation visit for next Tuesday. I'm soooo glad this worked out!
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Wow, that IS quiet a bit much!

I've brought many cats in to get fixed, back when I lived in No. Virginia it was pretty darn expensive, the CHEAPEST place I could find for my female Isha, out of the yellow pages was $80.00 the rest were all $100+ and that didn't include any blood work.

I'm glad you found something a bitch cheaper in your area. Some city's have nickel spay places, but I'm not sure how well I trust those with my cats, those are normally a very quick in and out procedure, I've been to several of them, and are mostly used for ferals or barn cats once they have been captured in mass loads, and locals in DC who live down the street in the "ghetto" who otherwise would never be able to afford a spay/neut.
So definetly go with a place you have good vibes with, or good experience with.
Where I grew up in Maine, getting a cat fixed was only about $30-60 at just about any good vet office.
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I made an appointment with the vet to have Kahu neutered next week and the cost if I want it traditional will be $65, if its laser, it will be $100. Plus the shots on top, I still havent decided whether to go for traditional or laser...
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Here's a breakdown of spay costs where I work:
2)anesthetic induction
3)anesthetic monitoring
4)metacam injection (painkiller)
5)optional subcutaneous fluids
6)optional presurgical bloodwork
7)optional take-home pain meds for the next 3 days
8)one night stay in the hospital
If a client goes for all the options, the cost is about $300.00 Canadian. This is a bit less than the average price for a spay in a good hospital in my area.
Hope this helps!
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