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Tongue sticking out??

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Hi everyone David does the wierdest thing sometimes sometimes he'll while having his mouth closed stick part of his tongue outside his mouth. Is this something I should be concerned about?? or is this just one of those kitten things. He acts like a normal active kitten otherwise. Please any help would be greatly apprieciated. Donna
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How old is he? My kittens would do that, I always assumed it was just because their little front teeth were too tiny to hold that tongue in.
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Some cats will stick the tip of their tongue out, generally when content/purring and kneading on something. Is this when it happens?
Otherwise, a quick check over the teeth to make sure everything is ok might be a good idea.
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he does seem content when doing this like when hes lying on my bed or in one of the windows Tommy and Cho are so cute!!
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kj he is 5 months
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My boys do it when they're happy so hopefully it's nothing to worry about!
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I love when my cats do that!! It is so cute!!!!!!!! I call it "bubble gum" because it looks like they have a piece of bubblegum hanging out their mouth.
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Some of my rexes used to do that. I was told cause the tongue is too long to keep it fully in their mouths.....
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Funny thing is he does keep it in his mouth for the most part only when he seems to be really enjoying himself is when he does itit is cute when he does it yes it is hes so cute to begin with anywayi would love to hear any more cute stories about everyones kitties!! I love tcs!!!Donna
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So glad to read this is normal! My Hannah does this from time to time, especially as she's being brushed or petted. Usually she's purring and very, very content!!

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I've heard somewhere that its a sign that the cat is happy/content. Luna does this and more so since our move. It's so cute!

Whitey has done it as well in the past, but I rarely see Patches or Beauty doing it.
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My Bayley does this when he's sleeping- its sooo cute Or when we're cuddling, he'll snuggle with me and be totally content & his little tongue will stick out, like he's happy & content
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Mine do it all the time, I think it's adorable!
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This was my Bayley on his first day home from the shelter- cuddled up on my lap with his tongue out- I think is precious!

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Yep that's exactly like Spooky would do.....
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they are funny arent they??
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Oh my goodness. Our new kitty, Callie, does that. Just the tip of the tongue sticks out. She just does it whenever. No certain time. When we got her on Monday and I took her to the Vet on Tuesday, I asked the vet about it and he said that it was nothing to worry about, that some cats and dogs just do that. Just a quirk for them. I think it is so cute & funny. Just one more special thing we love about her.
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both of my kittens do this, usually for no reason, when they're running around the house playing. it's so freaking cute
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I went on the internet to just check it out. At cat shows, if a cat has it's tongue sticking out the judge will touch the tongue and if the tongue goes back in and stays it's o.k. If the tongue stays out, the judge will not "use" that cat. Another web site said that you should tell your vet about it and make sure that there are no underlying causes why it is happening. If the cat has no physical or medical cause for it, then it is just a habit it may have.
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Thomas and Tre both do this occasionally while they are sleeping. I think it's adorable.

I always try to sneak up and touch their tongue...but they always wake up and suck that tongue back in when I start moving.
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