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Mellie and Twinkie like being kissed. I taught Mellie to let me kiss her on her nose when I say "kissie kissie" and she also likes to give me a little head bump to let me kiss her on the top of her head. Twinkie just likes me to kiss him on the top of his head. Rocket doesn't like being kissed too much. Sometimes he'll let me kiss him on his head, but sometimes he turns away or pushes away with a little disgusted sound. So I guess it depends on his mood.

I think being kissed is something cats have to get used to; something they have to learn that it means they're being loved on. I don't think any of my cats liked having my big face in their face right at first. They had to learn it was me showing my affection and that I liked having them respond accordingly.
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Aww Nimbus likes to be kissed on the head a lot in the morning. When I'm holding him, he'll push my face away with his paws if I try to kiss him too much.

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I'm not sure if Popsie likes them but he tolerates them. Sometimes he will head butt me right on the mouth if I pucker my lips up. That's only when he's being extremly lovey dovey though. Sometimes I like to call him smoochie face.
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Shami likes to give kisses. He actually puckers up and everything, and then after a few he'll resort to licking, or nibbling on my ear lobes, or sticking his nose in my ear, or licking my hair. I don't give him any though, since he's always eating strange things and I don't know the last time he's rooted around the litterbox. He likes getting raspberries though, which I give him plenty of
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Monte loves to give kisses. He just runs up and starts rubbing his face all over ours. Katina gives quick little kisses on occasion. I think she's more of the independent kitty.
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Sabina tolerates kisses...when I hold her, and she's doing her raggie flop, she'll allow kisses under her chin. JinJin doesn't allow it. It unnerves her to have her face too close to mine. I've never gotten to kiss her, or hold her.
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Most of ours love to be kissed, but Lil Roar will pull away and look at you as if to say, what the heck are you doing? Amber and Boris love to be kissed on their ears and Carmelo will let me kiss him right on his big wet nose
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It all depends on what mood their in, but My Spook, I taught him to
give me sugar! When I ask him that, he'll lick you! I can ask him to give
my dad sugar. and he'll lick his hand! But as far as me kissing them,
generally, they dodge me when I get in their space!
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Chuckie tolerates me when i smother him in love lol. When he's in a lovey mood he will head butt and i will give him smooches. Jazzy was the smoochy one.
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Do your kitties like, tolerate, or hate kisses? Or do you think I'm really a freak for kissing my kitties on the head?
mine vary... Pixel tolerates kisses, as does Cable & Firefox. Chip seems to enjoy them. Firefox likes to lick my nose. Java LOVES kisses, like Ginger, but she likes me to kiss the tip of her little pink nose, not the top of her head.
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8-Bit: Yes. He loves them. He will flash a kitty smile and purr when you kiss him.

Dr. D Claw: Can't get enough of them. He will come running when you make kissing noises.

Scractch Fury Destroyer of Worlds: Not really. He'll put up with them, but only if you are going to feed him once it's all done.
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Cleo and Lola don't really seem to have an opinion one way or another. Kisses are just another form of attention from Meomy. Maggie loves kisses.....She'll mash her face into mine when I kiss her and then rub her drooly little mouth all over me! She's very affectionate.
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Frisco loves kisses.
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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post
JinJin doesn't allow it. It unnerves her to have her face too close to mine. I've never gotten to kiss her, or hold her.
Don't give up hope on JinJin. It took Ophelia about 6 years to feel comfortable with more than one hand on her, and anyone's face close to her. Now she loves snuggling right up on Daddy.
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Scully loves kisses, he will jump up on your lap and kiss you himself

The others tolerate it, and I haven't been brave enough to put my face near Autumn's yet
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My Skye will let me hold her and kiss her and lately when she is purring she'll nuzzle right up and lick or even nibble my lips in return. She won't do it to my bf tho she won't even let him hold her like I do.
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Mine tolerates it. Once in a while she will head butt me but most of the time she just deal with it.
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Peedoodle loves his kisses - he loves to be kissed on the head between the ears and he will push his head up towards my mouth when I am kissing him.

If I say to him "gimme a kissy kiss" he will put his mouth on my lips. It is the cutest!

Kahu will tolerate kisses, even tolerate them on his tummy when he is licking himself. I love to kiss it - it is so soft!
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Do your kitties like, tolerate, or hate kisses? Or do you think I'm really a freak for kissing my kitties on the head?

Pumpkin loves love and loves kisses..she hands them out as much as we give to her...
No you are not a freak! If you are then I am too!
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Nah... you aren't weird!

Kanoe comes and wakes us up in the morning by licking us very softly, and then we play "Super Boo" by lifting her up and lowering her down for kisses. And yes, she always lowers her head for them. Sometimes I'll pick her up and then she'll present her little head for kisses too. It's so sweet!
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Tiger will pounce up into my lap while I'm on the laptop, curl up and paw my chest until I kiss him! It's like clockwork, every night that I'm on the laptop.
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I love all the different stories of kitty kisses!
Maia usually loves kitty kisses, on her fore head, over and over. Yet sometimes she gives me this look as if she was saying "oh the suffering", like I torment her with kisses! Maybe sometimes I do
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Bijou loves being kissed. He really likes me to kiss him under his chin and on this throat. He'll lift his head way up so I can get right in there and purr like crazy.
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Topaz - I tried once. She does not tolerate me picking her up even for petting.

Aristotle - I will hold him and give him kisses (sometimes kissy-wissy kind) but if he is not willing, forget it. But there are times he is very affectionate and will head but and let me kiss him. Then there are the times he will come and "kiss" you on the cheek!
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Garfield loves kisses! Festus absolutely HATES kisses. When she gets in the way we just give heer one BIG smoochand off she goes. Jasmin doesn't even like to be pet. Will and Josie LOVE to be kissed.
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