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Today I Gave Possum a Bath...

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Well, we're both still living, but it was as horrible as it could be without drawing blood.

Water all over the floor, an upset and shaking cat...jeez.

I had never give a cat a bath before, and I don't want to again, but I'm going to have to. I got an anti-itching shampoo from the vet to combat the ongoing problem of Possum's fur-pulling.

Anyway, I realized a few things. I am so lucky that Possum isn't an aggressive cat because he didn't try to bite or scratch me once. my bathroom isn't really equipped to bathe a cat; my shower head comes off, but because the shower hookup is so high, it doesn't quite reach the tub. It kept spraying the back wall which caused large puddle to form behind the toliet. Maybe next time I'll try the sink, but it's kind of small.

Also, Possum kept grabbing onto things to keep from going into the water, just like in cartoons.

Loki was also kind of upset; he's a little protective of Possum.

Possum did eventually come around me again; actually a lot sooner than I expected. But now he's wary of me again (but not overly so), but I certainly can't blame him! I hope he doesn't develop a fear of water.

At least he nice and soft now! Poor baby!

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I've washed so many cats, its routine for me - no problems. Even when I get Charlie ready for his next show I say "ok Charlie time for bath" and he almost follows me to the bathroom - he loves baths now
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Perhaps some bathtime advice would be helpfull!

I wouldn't use the spray head next time. Instead get everything ready BEFORE bringing Possum to the bathroom. So, clear things off so he can't grab at anything. Get the tub filled with a few inches of warm water and get a big cup or comething to scoop and pour water with. I wouldn't run any water while your bathing him. The sound probably scared him as much as the water. Get your shampoo and towels ready too. You might also think about putting a no slip mat in the bottom of the tub so he feels more secure instead of sliding all over. Once you have everything go grab Possum and slowely lower him into the water. Talk to him and maybe even bribe him with treats. Wash him gently and use the cup to wet him and rinse him trying to avoid getting water in his ears. once he's washed and rinsed squeze as much water out of him as you can and wrap him in a towel. I never rub them with the towel because I find it tends to cause mats. Then keep him in a warm place until he's dry.
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I use a washcloth to get Charlie initially wet to the skin. But use the shower head for rinsing. He loves the warm water spray.
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