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phantom music

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and no i dont mean played by ghosts

i just wonder if anyone else here hears phantom music?
all my life when i lay down to sleep, i hear music being played, its always very faint, hard to make out, and different types from rock to classical, Sometimes i hear what sounds like radio. all these are very low volume just out of range of being able to make out what song or what is being said. If you sit up or fully wake up again, the sound goes away. Any i way i know that it not really there, just in my head. Even when young it never scared me.

I made the mistake once of telling my mother about it,as a teen, so she thought i was having hearing loss and took me to a doc i tested normal with normal hearing.

Now its called MES(music ear syndrome) lol http://hearinglosshelp.com/weblog/?cat=8 anyway here is a some stuff on it.

by the way nothing to do with the above i have a white skunk runnign around my Back yard!!!!!
been tryign to get a pic but he only come out at night,
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Hmm... not music for me, but an unintelligible voice. It sounds like someone speaking nonstop -- and just as you said, barely beyond my ability to understand words.

When I was a teenager, I had terrible insomnia, and sometimes I would come out of my room in tears to beg my parents to stop talking so I could sleep... but they'd be sitting there quietly reading in the living room, not saying a word.

The things people come up with trying to explain this phenomenon! Someone I worked with told me I must be picking up radio on my fillings... and years later, a college professor explained that I was hearing the messages being sent to me by the aliens who had abducted me in childhood and were still monitoring me.

But the link you gave does mention that some people hear voices as well as music, so now it all makes sense!

Did you notice the mention of "Charles Bonnet Syndrome?" That might relate to the apparently hallucinatory visions some of us here were talking about the other night, people crossing the road ahead of your car and so forth...
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glad i could help

well the voice thing, kinda is like the radio i hear, sounds like AM Talk radio(at least it does not sound like rush) haha.

does not happen all the time, just sometimes, liek those time where you are half awake and half sleeping

as for the Charles Bonnet Syndrome tends to go along with eye diseases i thought , and i was under the impression ofton see little people , with hats on and stuff. makes you wonder if that is not where some of the old legends come from.
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I used to hear John Phillips Sousa marching band music. I thought I was just nuts.
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Bruce, you're a cylon!

Actually, thanks for that link, it was really interesting. I do sometimes hear a kind of background music playing as I'm falling asleep. I know it's from noise such as the fan, or the cars going by, but somehow my mind turns the noise into music. But if I try to concentrate on it, I can't hear it anymore.

Carol - that professor sounds like a nutcase!
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I wish the music and noise I heard when trying to sleep was "phantom", but alas it comes from my noisey neighbours who live all the way down the hall 5 apartments away from me!
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OH! So I am not nuts! I used to hear it more at the apartment. I just thought the people below us played their music at night. Sometimes the last loud sound I hear just repeats like a flushes toilet.
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My Mom always hears ocean sounds or talking. Mostly ocean sounds, but she has problems with her ears.
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I think it's O.K. as long as the voices aren't telling you to hurt yourself or others.

Seriously, though, I've heard both the "radio voices" and the music now and then, but not consistently. I thought it was my brain trying to entertain me.
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