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Katie, you will be surprised at the direction your life can take with even with small changes in your life...I know you are fairly young and can't really see that...but as I was looking over my life recently...I saw all the twists and turns it can and does take!!!

Such as getting or dumping a boyfriend...I had to make a hard choice 21 years ago about a serious boyfriend (he had asked to marry me)and I turned him down for a "maybe" relationship with another boy...Guess what?? The "maybe" boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 20th ann. in Nov. The *simple* choice of getting your GED and going back to school could change your life FOREVER!!!! By the way....the serious boyfriend never amounted to much..his first and only marriage ended in divorce after 6 years and has jumped from job to job (occ. living with his parents. My husband is in upper managment and makes a very comfortable living for himself and us (including a well-adjusted 15 yr. old)....So, remember all of the postives of life and of the smallest changes....like waking more ever day!!!
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If I hadn't gone back for my Diploma, I never would have met my husband! He was the housemate of one of my classmates at the Alternative High School. She decided to fix us up on a blind date because we were the 2 quietest people she knew. I only agreed to go because I wanted her to stop pestering me about it. I assumed that Greg wouldn't like me, maybe even end the date early, and that would be the end of it.

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What's the update with this appointment thing? When's the appointment? I want to know how things turn out.
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well, the appointment is for Thursday morning and i am so excited!

i'll tell you all about it when i get home from it


i hear what you're saying, and thanks for your input, but let me just say, with the experiences
i have had already i can assure you i understand the impact of change, big or small.

this is why i am taking this step, i need to make a change, i cant keep standing still.
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