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What are your Goals?

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well, i think about this everyday, and wonder if i am really
getting anywhere with them, i thought it would help me to
write them down, i have a heavy heart about this issue because
i can never seem to follow through with mine, short-term or
long-term, but i am becoming more & more stubborn, so i think
that will help


1) to take a walk everyday, or second day
2) to take up an activity i.e. like badminton or basketball
3) to finish a new book every week
4) to eat healthily, and seek out a Naturapath(sp?)
5) to cut down on sugar & cigarettes
6) to clean more often (do my part in the house)
7) to LAUGH more often; to learn to see the humour in Life
8) to go back to PhysioTherapy & MassageTherapy & Reiki(sp?)
9) to start Yoga & Tai Chi classes again
10) to do something a little off the wall everyday!


1) Finish my Book!! (the one i'm writing)
2) to finish my GED and continue on to College
3) to finish College & University with my B.A. in Creative Writing (and whatever else i decide to major in)
4) to begin dancing again
5) to begin healing (in therapy) and getting on with my life
6) To always be myself.
7) to travel all over the world
8) to become a lighter being (spirtually)
9) to learn to forgive (myself & others)
10) to remember to smile in the face of adversity & challenge.

well, those are my Goals as they stand today, i will probaly
add on to them, and hopefully at one point be able to check
some of them off & replace them with new goals

what are some of your goals?

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more important Goals of mine:

1)To be comfortable always in my own skin and on my own -
to never need someone else in order to live, but to always depend
on myself, and grow in solitude and in companionship.
2)To always allow change (in myself & in others)

To always be the free Spirit i am.

[Edited by blue on 05-09-2001 at 05:36 PM]
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To not strive for Perfection, but rather, to be a better person
To always be creative in Soul & strong in my way of thinking
To be successful financially

I realize some of these are more like affirmations then Goals,
but hey, what's the difference really?
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To save the animals that I am given the opportunity to save and to continue working towards the goal of opening our cat sanctuary. To be a good friend, wife and mother and to feel like I contributed something to the world. While not an openly religious person, I do sincerely believe I was put here to do something for the animals and that is what I strive for every day.
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My goals are few in number, at this point. First, I want to be a good keeper to my cats. Second, I want to do what I can to help anyone in need — no matter their species.

The opportunity to accomplish goal number two arises from time to time, whereas goal number one is constantly before me.

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Boy, this made me think....i cannot exactly word it but i guess being GOOD and true. And taking risks. Risks are essential, one has to face challenges daily. Oh i'm so unhappy about not having a better way with words like blue or the rest of you and moreover english is not my native language so i can't put it in a better way but yes, i guess that are the essential goals for me. i do not mention career, as i do not believe career can make you better accomplished. The important thing is to make people happy rather than expect them to make you happy. To supress your selfishness... Well, that's quite a task, what do you think? At least i'll have enough to keep me busy through the rest of my life
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I've been thinking about it, and I don't think I can put it down in a check list.

for me-

to be happy, to find whatever I need to be okay with me, my life and my choices.

to find beauty in the world around me, especailly in those less obvious places.

to be the best person I can, and to add something to this world, instead of take.

to touch the lives of those around me. in any and all small ways. it's the little things that really make a difference.

to appreciate all the blessings that I have in life, and to never lose sight of how lucky I am.

I have superficial goals like

lose weight
go to the gym
eat better
spruce up my wardrobe
find the strengh to clean out my closet
clean the house more
be more orderly and organized

I just realized, I am a MESS!!!! so much to work on!
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Well my main goal in life is to be happy and be a good mom! Ohter then that I have a few little short term goals! I have 2 big wishs though!

1. For there to be no more abandoned or abused animals!

2. For the pain that I suffer daily to disappear!
(So I can be a comlete woman again)

Unfortunatly these are wishes! All I can do is my part in #1 is helping find homes for these wonderful creatures so they will be safe and loved! Now my other wish is in the hands of God for he never leaves our side!
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Originally posted by blue

1) to take a walk everyday, or second day
2) to take up an activity i.e. like badminton or basketball
3) to finish a new book every week
4) to eat healthily, and seek out a Naturapath(sp?)
5) to cut down on sugar & cigarettes
6) to clean more often (do my part in the house)
7) to LAUGH more often; to learn to see the humour in Life
8) to go back to PhysioTherapy & MassageTherapy & Reiki(sp?)
9) to start Yoga & Tai Chi classes again
10) to do something a little off the wall everyday!

anyone curious how i have progressed in my search to follow my goals and change my life?!

cmon, i know you are!!

well, here is how i am doing, i am walking more, not everyday, or even every
second day, but MORE.

i am definitley cleaning more with Cameron with two major injuries AND
the Flu i am doing it all; which i actually dont mind.

i find i like helping him out and keeping things in order, it makes not only me happy,
but him too

i am NOT reading at all! i am going to get my a$$ in gear, i dont know what's wrong
with me, i love to read... see me ----------> <------------ thats me

anyway, i bring this back to the top because i wanted to review my goals,
and read everyone else's again

Colby, eating healthy is certainly NOT a superficial goal!! it's good for you
and it's cool, like this guy ------>

how is that and everything working for you?

you all had such wonderful and interesting goals or wishes, how is everyone feeling
about them now?

anyone else want to discuss?

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Well done Blue there should always be someone to remind us of our goals. thinking about what I've written before makes me reconsider my short-term goals.That was something to strive for in your entire life (I mean being good and things like that). so here are my immediate goals
1. To try and save some money
2. To try and be more patient with my boyfriend
3. To make my cat happy and to play with him more often
4. To find a decent vet
5. To take good care of all my plants
6. To try and go to work with pleasure\\
7. To spend my summer holidays up in the mountains
8. To make my English better
9. To visit my freinds who live in Germany
10. To take up painting again
11. To stop smoking at a certain point in my life

that's a tough schedule now. unfortunately I haven't made much progress on any of them items. But this definitely gives a purpose in life and it makes life worth living
Blue I'm glad you've made some progress at least
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Blue - good work on getting to those goals!

Here are a few of mine. I've never written them down before, so here goes:

- To raise children who love God, who are benefits to society, and are who are not spoiled brats

- To spend time with Jesus on a daily basis

- To be more patient with my children and my husband (this is one of the hardest ones!)

- To be a good friend to those who need it

- To get to the gym 3 times a week and sweat a lot when I'm there

- To keep my house cleaner (ug, hate this)

- To come up with a business idea related to animals that I can do from my home part time after the kids start school (am thinking about pet sitting)
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awww... you guys! but i have not really accomplished anything yet, though i am
working toward it

there is so much i want to accomplish, in these moments of happiness i forget all about
the hold depression usually has around me, and i want to do so much with my life, so,
that is my biggest goal; to conquer my depression.

those are all good goals, and i concur with you Billie, i need to spend more play time
with my kitties as well, and Dawn, believe me, i know about how hard it is to keep the
house clean it sucks! i wish i was a neat freak by nature
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Buying myself a computer is a definitely important goal. And, just by the way this seems to be my 100th post.
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At the risk of hanging myself, I will tell you to move that GED up on your priority list. Your education is something you don't want to put off. It opens up many opportunities for you. It is also something that we keep meaning to get to, and then all of a sudden we turn around and wonder where the time went. I don't know how far you are from your diploma, but you should get started NOW! (Sorry, this is the teacher in me talking.)
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no, i know, and you are right. i have put it off for awhile.

the plan is to take the GED test, or whatever my options are, there are
quite a few options out there now, and get my equivilancy (diploma) and be
in college in Victoria by January.

i dont mind the encouragement at all, i need someone to kick my a$$ into gear.

i am way to smart to not have at least a highschool diploma, and i really want to
continue on into College and University.

i think it is the fear of all the students, all the people at Universities that is
putting me off, i want to go so badly, but, i'm terrified...
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If you at least get the high school diploma, it will be a step in the right direction. A friend of mine does not talk about goals, but rather directions. He says that when you set goals for yourself and do not accomplish them for one reason or another, you end up disappointing yourself. You should instead set directions for yourself, because you do not know in which direction your k=life will ultimately take you. If you get your high school diploma, you can begin with even 1 university course to see how it goes. You are far too intelligent of a person with too many gifts to miss opportunities because you don't hold a certain degree.

You need to elevate your level of thinking to decide that you are worth at least that much. You will be surprised at what taking each course and being successful does for your own self esteem. Even large goals are accomplished one step at a time. Just take the first step.
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Blue- Hi, yes I agree with Deb that you should get your GED. I know alot of people who are barely in their twenties and are suffering miserably because they can't find good jobs. I haven't found any good jobs, but I hope to someday.
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My goals are:
To go from 205 pounds all the way to 135.
Walk and then start to workout so that I can get in shape.
Finish school and find my dream jobs with animals.
Get more religion into my life
learn how to save money
Buy a house with a huge yard for my animals.
Travel to faraway lands.
Be a better mother to my children
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First of all a goal that I can accomplish and that is to congratulate Billie on the 100th post!!!YEAH!!!!

Now..... I will win the lottery for about 40 million and buy a big giant piece of land and build all kinds of cat barns, tunnels, feeding stations, and play areas and also a vet clinic..
this would be for the ferals and unwanted.
(They would not be unwanted any more)
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I want to finish college (I got my associate's degree in 2000, now I need to finish 2 more years at university) and hopefully get accepted into Veternary school. If not, then I will be getting a bachelor's degree in Biology. I was going to minor in Chemistry (I have a lot of background in the subject) but along with Chem come a lot of Calculus and Physics classes...Bleh!
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I may as well give you my own current goal list.

1. Finish my masters degree and become an assistant principal.

2. Travel to Europe as a group leader with the same organization that my kids have traveled with.

3. Meet some type of soulmate and have a decent relationship.....Oh wait, you said "goal list", not wish list..... oh well.
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When I was 21, I was wrestling with going back to school, too. I'm so glad I did. Getting my High School Diploma was such a load off my mind and heart--I never realized what a big thing it would be. Then I picked away at college classes at the local community college here and there for a couple of years. That's now on hold until I figure out just what field to go into, but I figure, at least I've got some of the basics out of the way when inspiration finally strikes.

I can tell from your posts that you're very intelligent and you love to learn new things and to express yourself creatively. A college class could be a good outlet for all of that, and keeping your brain busy might help the depression a little.
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Well said, alexnell!
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i made an appointment with my local college about my education options, so, if
the GED is the way to go, she will give me all the information i need, and the book i need to study from.

thank you Deb, alexnell, and nena, i am a little nervous, but, very excited about
starting my life, finally!
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congradulations Katie on taking that first step! I'm proud of you for making the appointment
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thank you, Colby, the appointment is for next Thursday morning... i hope it goes well, i'll let ya know
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Way to go, blue! I am very proud of you. All the people in the world can give you advice, but ultimately you are the one who made the conscious decision to do something to change your life.

Bravo to you!
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Way to go! You can do this, my friend! You really can!

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well, goodness knows I have a ton of goals (and I'm sorry to say that a good deal of them are rather superficial; what can I say? I'm a teen) here's a few:

*convince Sasha that when we pet her, it is not neccesary to jump up and bite you.

*convince the kittens that we will not jump up and bite them.

*get into a good college, when the time comes.

*get my Varsity letter in water polo (I already know I'm getting one for swimming next year...yay!)

*become a professional dancer (that could take awhile, but I just took myself one step closer. I switched dance studios back in December, and yesterday I auditioned for the performing jazz group. I'll find out if I got in in about a week!)

*survive camp next week!

ok, so they pretty much are all superficial. I do have others that aren't, but I find them much harder to put into words. these are just a couple of mine.

oh, BTW~ a week ago, I would have put that I want to get a 4.0 GPA on my report card this semester, but it came a couple days ago.
4.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm very proud of that. esp. cuz I'm taking advanced science, math, and english!!!)
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Wow! Congratulations upon your wonderful scholastic accomplishment! And, equally, congratulations on being such an excellent athlete: dancer, swimmer, water-polo player!

Where in Oregon do you go to school — and what's its name? There are several of us here at the web site who, as you know, live in Oregon.

One of my heroes of the cinema, Louise Brooks, was a professional dancer — first with the modern-dance Denishawn Dance Company on national tour and then with Ziegfeld's Follies in New York city. I do believe we at The Cat Site have a future star in our midst!

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