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So Incredibly Bored!

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So we just moved into our new place and we dont have cable at home. . . I use the computer at work. . .

I have watched every movie known to man, and now I have nothing to watch. . . Oh my god I am so bored there. . . I almost want to stay at work. . . Not really but almost!

My poor cat has to be bored too when we are not there. .. I find her toys all over the house, and she has learned how to use the drawers in the kitchen as steps up to the counter. She pulles the drawer in the middle out so she can jump up to the counter. . .

Little brat. . .

Anyone else bored?
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Eh, I'm just trying to determine if I should go to bed or not.

I just watched Ugly Betty, and I was aggravated at something that happened on the show.

I got on the computer because I was aggravated, and then I read Hissy's RB post and sat here and cried for a good 10 minutes.

So now I'm doubly depressed.
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I've been busy tonight watching all the season premiers! Ugly Betty... CSI... and now ER... 3 hours of new shows- I'm a happy camper!

I'm sorry your bored though
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Well this post is my 600th!!!!

And I think I'll celebrate by going to bed!!!

But I need to feed my fishies. And then I'll go to bread. Yes. I like bread.
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Yeah. . . I work untill eleven at night, so when I get home I am wired. I have tomorrow off, and I want to sleep in, but I know the cat will not allow that. . .

I wish I found things I liked to watch on TV I am a loser. My favorite chanel is the discovery, and science chanel. . . I am so boring. . .

On a more exciting note, freinds of mine are taking me swing dancing on saturday, which will be loads of fun!!!
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I am waiting on the first of October to roll around so I can start my new job. The walls are not only closing in on me, but I think they are starting to talk to me. I moved into my new place a little over a month ago, and all the unpacking is finished. I scrubbed my apartment clean, reorganized every nook and cranny, treated myself to a new haircut that looks like someone butchered my hair, got the kid's hair cut, gave us both manicures and pedicures, cleaned the place again because i was that bored, and all 4 of the aquariums are spotless, the cat is taken care of, the vehicle is spotless, and I think tomorrow will be scrapbook and art day. Everything else that can be done has been done 3 times.
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