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I am very sorry for the loss of your special girl. I know words can't begin to fill the hole in your heart, but you are in my thoughts.

RIP sweet girl.
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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
I don’t know if there will be another Prowler in my home, for she was one of a kind and I will miss her forever.

I'm so sorry MA for this great loss. I don't visit CTB often since I'm still lost without Nakita and this place brings back the memories way to fast. I can feel your pain and know your loss because I know how special she was and still is in your heart. I was just on your site reading your updates and your concern regarding Prowler's health and having no answers.

Tears fall easily for me these days and this thread certainly started them again. Hopefully Prowler will meet up with Nakita. Wouldn't that be a wonderful pair?

Sending hugs & comfort your way.
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that was so beautiful - i feel like i really knew Prowler! give Everest a kiss for me!
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I haven't been to the bridge for a few days and just saw this.

I remember the day that Prowler came into your life. At first you tried to rehome her and I had a close friend that was seriously interested in adopting her. Your early descriptions of her were so vivid that it was obvious to us that she was a very special girl. And while I schemed a way to get out to your area, you grew a bond with her as I've never witnessed with you before. It was so obvious to me that she was a soul mate to you. That has come across in all of your posts about her.

There are no words that I can offer to help you through your grief. May time heal your heart. I am so sorry MA.

Let loose the chains that bind my soul
That I may soar as meant to be
Be free....

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Amy, as strange as this might sound to some, Prowler was indeed my soul mate. I miss her so much. I haven't been this lost in a very long time, not since Tazzy passed. I remember very well how you wanted this orange girl, but she walked into my heart early and just stayed. The cats know that I am upset, one by one they have sought me out and laid on my lap quietly, each one taking turns. Mike was quite surprised by this last night, it was as if they were signaling each other. Even my elusive Ms. Dash has found the time to be with me.

One spirit passes and more arrive. Two tuxedo kittens came in last night from a local vet. They were left in a cardboard box that was duct taped shut in a parking lot. One male, one female- discarded as if they were garbage. I posted a photo of them in strays and ferals. So although I feel my world has stopped, five new kitties are here now to remind me it has not.

Katherine, I know well the feeling of loss you are experiencing. I hope someday another kitten is lucky enough to claim you as her own.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Prowler, MA. She looked like such a sweetheart . She was taken from you way too soon.
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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
So although I feel my world has stopped, five new kitties are here now to remind me it has not.
And isn't that how we eventually heal? I wish I could reach out and give you a big comforting hug right now. Instead I'll close my eyes and will strength to you across the miles.
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It just isn't right...

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I'm so incredibly sorry, Mary Anne. Prowler has been your special little girl since the moment she entered your life, so precious, instinctively loving, and always so intelligent. Your beautiful little Angel is so happy and healthy now in Heaven where she is no doubt welcoming in all the new arrivals to acclimate them to their new home until the wonderful day you are reunited. You and Mike remain in my prayers, my friend.
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I'm so sorry, MA. Prowler was very beautiful.

RIP sweetie
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MA, I am just seeing this, and even though I knew your girl was so sick, I just can't believe this! A world without Prowler is a poorer one indeed.

Play happily Prowler.
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Oh my, I had no idea. I've had so much change, and it's been such a selfish year that I have not been able to keep up with what has been going on - and tears are streaming down my face because I knew Prowler from the time she was a kitten. Prowler was a champion. She will continue to be a champion up on the RB, and watch over the less fortunate - her gift. I remember when I met her, she became Gypsy's first friend in 2004.

I'm just in shock. And all I can say is that heaven must have needed her in a hurry. They probably needed a HUGE champion up there.
She will always watch over you

Here is a photo of her, in our tribute to her...and of course, look at what she's looking at....
We loved Prowler very much.
Peace & Light~
Elizabeth & Eric and S3

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Awwww i remember seeing that picture as well Eddie
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