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I hope i'm not getting a cold, we thought the heat was about to hit ( we're a month into spring) and now it's started being cold and rainy again and i've been sneezing my brains out. I have my monthly visit from Aunty flow. We were meant to have another open house tomorrow but they cancelled, so we have it in 3 hours and one tomorrow as well. I've been awake an hour or so, all crampy and out of it. I walk into the kitchen for a bit of nibblage and what nice note do i get from mum on the bench? 'Emma, could you please depoop Charlies tray before the estate agents get here?, Thanks"

Obviousely he left me a gift while i was asleep, and even though my father stays up till 3 in the morning on his computer, he has never cleaned a litter tray in his almost 49 years on this earth He just stands there and goes 'phew, Charlie left a gift for you' and walks off...(did i mention he's never fed them either. Charlie being my baby goes as far as me asking dad 'what if mum and i are both out and it's late when we come home, and Charlie is hungry, meowing the house down and needs feeding?' 'well ill wait for you to come home and feed him' Nice to know hey?!

I probably should have had breakfast afterwards and not before *sighs*

AND it's raining out. I can't put Charlie in the enclosure as the roof is shadecloth, he'll get wet. If there are people around the house he will try and escape. Wish me luck!