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Help make free spay/neuter a reality

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Please check out this website:

This group is trying to pass laws countrywide that make it mandatory for ALL shelters that take public funds to offer free spay/neuter programs, regardless of income. I encourage all US citizens to check it out (sorry to the non-US members, I didn't see a place for you to sign).

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Some parts of California have free spay/neutering. It is offered in San Jose, you only have to be a resident there. I had 2 kitties fixed when I lived there.
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Thanks for that! I have signed it!
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A better idea, would be that every animal from shelters and rescues HAS to be spayed/neutered before adoption. There are so many people who will say "yup I'll get it done!" But they don't do it, and the shelter/group never check up on the owner to see if it was done. :/
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I agree angel, they should not adopt out any animal without spaying/neutering first!
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Even one of my relatives is guilty of not neuturing their dog whom they got from a breeder =O
It makes me mad, cause their dog slips past them out through the door with out a leash on all the time.
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Who is Sam?
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Sam I am
Green Eggs and Ham?

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lol your so weird sometimes.
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WHo me? Didnt you know that I am the queen of weirdness?
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lol it's one of those..." mumble mumble.. stupid says what?" type of thing. =p
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:P back at you

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LOL. I love that smily face! This is getting very OT I'm sorry.
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Now ladies, I'm going to have to step in and put this back on topic. Behave, you two
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Originally posted by okeefecl
Now ladies, I'm going to have to step in and put this back on topic. Behave, you two

Grrrrrrrrrrr..... You tell 'em~
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Another good idea?

You know how when you go fishing, and you can buy your licenses at fishing supply stores, sports stores, etc.?

Well - what if all breeders and pet stores were required to sell you a license prior to your purchase of a pet? An exorbitant amount gets charged for "Breeder's Licenses," (which are for those animals too young to be spayed or neutered or for those who do not intend to get their animals spayed or neutered), and a small fee is charged for animals already spayed or neutered.

When you get your animal spayed or neutered, you exchange your license and get a refund when you provide proof of sterilization.

AND all shelters must spay/neuter pets before adopting them out (plus sell the license, just like a pet store or breeder).

The licensing program would help pay for the problem - just like the tax on cigarettes helps pay for the medical costs of smokers (theoretically).
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OK - in response to an off-board discussion, how about this modification?

Two licenses - one for spayed/neutered animals, one for unsterilized animals. Actual breeders could get an exemption with proof that their animals have been registered with a recognized organization.

Maybe we're actually coming up with something that should be pursued!

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Thought I'd add something I just found today:

A portion of any item purchased here goes to spay/neuter (this is part of the US Postal Service spay/neuter campaign): Spay Neuter Store
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I signed and commented too.
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Thought I'd give this one more bump up the posting ladder!
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but how?

does the fee for the spay/neuter come from the person that adopts the animal? does the spay/neuter happen as soon as the animal comes up for adoption?

these are great ideas, but i need to know how they are to be implemented before i can sign the petition.

from the site:
A. A countywide mandatory Free Spay / Neuter program for all public county kill shelters to provide free spay / neutering services to all county residents under a special outlined county and community budget program. This free spay /neuter program would be cloned to duplicate the same guidelines that have already been tested at the Miami- Dade Police Animal Services shelter in Dade County, Florida.

but how??

vasha :daisy:
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