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6 week kittens *cute*

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Thanks for the warning

If I came over to visit, Diego might leave in my pocket... good thing it's too far and too wet to walk.
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Oh my goodness they are just adorable! JellyBella would have to arm wrestle me for Diego.
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How precious Just too cute
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oh dear, Links certainly has some "I'm up to no good" looks and I am completely in love with Lola!!! she has the sad kitten look (although I'm sure she's not!)
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oh my goodness! What adorable lil ones!
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Lola looks like she's got a toupee though, . I love 'em all, thanks for sharing!
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Oh crikey look at those little muffins
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Aww what gorgeous little faces, they are beautiful.
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Oh my look at those gorgeous babies!
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how cute are they!!!
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Awwww, those little fluffs are too cute!!
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Awwww! They are soo sweet!
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