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Haunted Houses

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Have any of ya'll been to one? Here in Az they promote them everywhere cuz quite frankly there's not much else to look forward to here I personally have never been to one and this year I figure it's about time to stop trick or treating cuz the weird looks are never fun And I wanna go to one but not sure if they are woth the money.
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I went to one several years ago and got the b-jeepers scared out of me! They are usually sponsored by the Lions or Jaycees, etc. as fundraisers. We also have "haunted hayrides" throughout the month of October. I am trying to get my office to go on one!
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I went to one at Six Flags Magic Mountain in southern California. It was a lot of fun. The teenage boy in front of us screamed like a little girl and scared the bejeezus out of me!
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I have stopped going to haunted houses. They have never scared me. When I did go to them (mainly with friends and family), I would just laugh at the people that were dressed up and jump out of you. Then, it just got to the point that I had been to so many of them that they all were the same. I have been in a haunted house: I was a character in one that was held by the church's youth group that I attended when I was a teen. I played the part of a woman being hacked up by an axe murderer. You know the old-fashioned, blood-curdling scream from the old black and white movies? I can do it spot-on. The first time I did it, I actually scared myself! But I couldn't talk for a few days after Halloween.
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I went to one, didn't scare me. What I really want to do is go into an actual haunted house and not some carnival house.
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There used to be one here called Silo X it was 13 stories and the goal was to get a many stories up without screaming. I heard that they did some pretty extreme things to get people to scream. But I don't think they do it anymore.
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I went to a Haunted House in Orlando and I was very terrified!
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I've been to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando several times.
And we went to Busch Garden's Howl-O-Scream a couple times too.
They don't scare me but I love them!
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Originally Posted by AnneRiceBowl View Post
You know the old-fashioned, blood-curdling scream from the old black and white movies?
Ha! Years ago when I was a DJ, I went into one of our recording booths to lay down tracks for an ad for a Halloween haunted house. I was in there screaming my head off, then murmuring, "Take 2," screaming again, "Take 3" -- and suddenly the door flew open and our newsman burst in all wild-eyed to rescue me! Bless his heart, he thought I was being attacked...
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I'm banned from them. I scream, swear, and kick the people performing
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I went to one at Knotts Berry Farm years ago and they do mazes. Well I went into one that was themed around old 80's movies. One part was from a Freddy movie which was a childhood fear of mine and he popped out of nowhere and I ended up decking the guy.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
I'm banned from them. I scream, swear, and kick the people performing
you too huh? lmao. I dropped a guy 6'6 with one kick for putting his hands on my shoulders,lol
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Not a house as such. But the mansion i've mentioned going to on my holidays i learned on my second visit a few weeks ago, that two people died in there. The lady of the mansion had her hair caught on fire from a bedside candle and she could not be saved. And one of the two brothers (not the one who was married to the lady) shot himself in the laundry and died. They said he was in debt and depressed, and some say he was in love with his brothers wife.

Spooky. The laundry wasnt opened last year, they have been renovating parts of the mansion as it's about 130 years old..i only learnt of the shooting after we were there. And felt nothing. I forgot which rooms i felt spooked in last year, and i felt weird this year. I could go in them this time, but it was still creepy, then Tristan pointed out they were the 'weird' rooms.
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Our neighborhood turns into a neighborhood wide block party for halloween. the streets are blocked off and the police come down to over see things. It is the best night EVER! There are parties in intersections. People that live on corners will blast music for us to dance to. Alot of people set up haunted houses in thier back yards. It is excelent fun! If anyone lives in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area, it is well worth the time to go! And no one looks at you funny for being older.

If you go look for the 10 foot tall alien with the glowing red eyes. . . That is the SO! I wont be far behind!
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