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They get along

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Ok i promise no more pics after this but being home from work and finally being able to get onto my favorite cat site after a while of being away i had to show off the monsters. I didnt think Kricket was ever going to accept another animal in the house because she has been an only animal for a yr and half. Kricket is also my bottle baby that i protected with my life. Shes my baby and i never wanted her upset, i felt if she was upset we would lose our bond. Well after some Bach remedy and Feliway Comfort Zone she gave in and accepted Worm. I was amazed because since the first day she let Worm close enough to her she has known exactly how hard she could play with him. She was gentle the first few weeks and now that Worm is bigger and plays rougher she beats him up pretty well but heres a few pics of them playing together.

You smell the lamp i'll sniff you!

I LOVE YOU! (Worm attacking Krickets neck but looks like they are hugging)

play fighting

Kricket going to give Worm a little wack

and they know how to share toys too....awww
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Never, please NEVER, say no more pix -- we love 'em here at TCS and those are priceless! Thank you for rescuing Kricket and Worm and loving and protecting them -- all nine of The Nine are rescues, too, and we echo the feelings of another great TCS member when we say that "Rescued is our favorite breed"!!!
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Why would you promise no more pics??! Now you take that back! LOL

I love these pictures you posted. They look like they're going to be great playmates.
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Those are great pictures! Little Worm looks like he is a little monster! And Cosmo does that to Mollie, too - gives her a hug and then ATTACK!!!!!! Keep those pictures coming!
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Aww great pictures.
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thank you everybody, those are my 2 little monsters. Ok i will definately have more pics coming, its all i ever do is take pics of the cats. They are slightly difficult to photograph because hes black and white and shes tortie and real dark on the front of her. Once i get more which shouldnt be long off i will definately add. Kricket and Worm send their love to everybody!
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Your babies are just adorable.
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awe so cute!
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