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My sister is in trouble...Major vibes please..

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Normally i would not talk about this online. But right now I got to my husband is at work as well as my dad. Well my dad just tried to call me from work but it keeps breaking up bad and I can't hear him.

Ok here is the deal its about my little sister. My niece was taken by CPS yesterday. My sister has gotten in deep with drugs again. I don't remember all the ones my mom named but here is the ones I remember meth, coke, pot, pills and a bunch of other stuff. My mom said she went over there the other day to get a car back from my sister that my mom was selling her because she was not making payments and she was letting her lowlife (her boyfriend) drive it. Well when my mom got there they opened the door and an overwhelming smell of pot hit my mom. My went off (and rightly so my niece 2 1/2yr old was in there) on them two and told them she was taking the baby. There was no way my mom was going to leave her there. So as my mom was loading my niece up they said they were going to call the cops. My mom ignored them. Well in the wisdom of drug addicts they did call the cops.

Once my mom got home and calmed down my older sister convince my mom to take the baby back and let the cops handle it. So thats what they did. Well by this point the lowlife's mother showed up (also a druggie) and the cops allowed her to take the baby. At least this was my understanding. And his mom took them to some place in another town to stay the night. Well they came over to his mother's house to try and see if they could sign custody of my niece over to my dad (more on that later). And I don't know what happened but his mom was driving them somewhere and stopped at a store across from my moms. Well while his mom was in the store the cops showed up and stormed the car. I am not sure if she was arrested but I am assuming she was. And they let his mom take the baby.

Tuesday I am going to my moms to help her clean out a room and make a bedroom for my niece because she is going to petion or whatever to get my niece.

I hope this is a wake up call for my niece because she has had CPS on her butt before for this.
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I hope for the babies sake they wake up, for baby
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For now the best thing you and your family can do is try to get custody of your neice..Good luck and I pray your sisters gest clean and drug free.
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All the best to your family in this trying time.
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That situation sounds all too familiar to me! My sister and I were also taken away from my mom when we were younger and it was the best thing that could have happned to us. I wish you and your mother the best in taking care of your niece. That child deserves a good stable home, and as cruel as it sounds I hope your sister gets what she deserves which is jail time. No one has the right to bring an innocent child into this world and then not protect it and take care of it like they should.
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Originally Posted by Mrs.Harris View Post
That child deserves a good stable home, and as cruel as it sounds I hope your sister gets what she deserves which is jail time. No one has the right to bring an innocent child into this world and then not protect it and take care of it like they should.

I agree trust me. I had a child young just like my sister. I had drugs and alcohol problems just like my sister. When I got pregnant I got clean for my pregnancy but after I had him I could not stay clean (never did any of it around him btw). So me and my mom talked and decided it would be best for her to take guardainship of him almost 10 years ago. Yeah I did get clean and sober (1 1/2 years after that). But I never knowingly put him in that poistion to be around my habits. I have been clean and sober since I was 18 1/2 years old. I have a family now to take care of.

I have tried to help my sister many many times over the last 8 years. She has stayed with us many times, she has lived with us, I have offered to help her find a job where I live and watch the baby with her. But she would rather go back to this lowlife. I just don't get it.
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Two of my adopted children, were taken away from their mothers, because of drug and alcohol abuse, the damage done to these innocent babies is horrible, I wish more family members would step in and report these parents, and help raise the unfortune victims, children , they are too little to have a voice, but you do
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I am so sorry to hear whats happening with your family. I can sincerely sympathize with you on this. My niece (her dad was my cousin but I always thought of her as my niece) had a very very rough time growing up since her parents were involved with drugs & other awful things. My parents struggled to get custody of her.

Just make sure your mother knows to get as much evidence against them as she can. Phone calls, letters, paperwork. Anything she can get her hands on. Hire a private eye if she can because it'll difficult to prove anything if it's a "he said/she said" situation.

I'm saying a prayer for your mother, your sister and you. Your mom is such a good person to be taking on this responsibility. She must be really wonderful....And you are a great mom for doing what is best for your child. It's a lifestyle that is painful and life-wrecking to try to get out of. I really do admire people who are able to turn their life around from that.

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I'm Pming you on this one.
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I know what addiction is all about. CPS has been on my doorstep several times in the last 6 months because of my alcoholic partner (now ex). I had a problem with drugs and alcohol before I got pregnant and I too stopped during pregnancy (i got pregnant at 17). My SO didn't. He has been sober for 4 weeks now (doesn't sound much but trust me it's a big acheivement as you will probably know) The fact that our son had been put in serious danger by him and that I actually stopped him from seeing him and threw him out seemed to be the wake up call he needed (for now anyway).

Some people never have that 'wake-up call' your sister may be one of these, but she has to be the lowest that she will possibly get until she will help herself.

PM me if you want to talk.

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My thoughts are with your niece, primarily, but I'm also sending to the rest of your family. I really hope the situation will be resolved, and that your sister can get herself cleaned up enough to regain custody.
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It sounds like you guys have a lot going on right now. I will keep your family in my prayers. I hope that CPS does what is in the best and most safe interest of that prescious little child
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If i was your mother I would have excused myself to the bathroom and called the cops. . . then left. . .

I abhor the use of drugs. . .

I am not a nice person around people that use drugs. My aunt is dying of Hepatitis C because she could not keep a needle out of her arm and now my cousing is in jail for the same thing. . . I told them to let him sit in there and rot. . . It disgusts me how he could see his mother rotting away, and make that same choice. . .

For her child, I hope she gets a clear head, and stops being selfish. She has more important things in this world now, and hopefully she can figure that out. . .
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