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Thursday DT

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I am prolly driving youse crazy by starting daily threads.
Not much happening today, except Jake has that mediation meeting in about 1 1/2 hours and I am nervous and worried. He is acting like he isnt worried. I guess you could call me a worry wart. *praying for a good outcome*
I am just having a quiet day lounging around and playing my game (trying to distract myself).
I look forward to making the valentines for my furbabies to send out!
The cats are crazy this morning, I think its cause of the snow that is threatening to come Peedoodle gets crazy when the weather plays up.
In about a week, its Jakes birthday, I have no idea what to get him! He will be going to school, then who knows what we will do that evening, perhaps go out for dinner (he loves Olive garden so that may be our destination).
I tried to get signs for the past week but its been out of stock at blockbusters - grrrr.
I hope everyone has a great day and HUGS to all!
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Signs is pretty good. Don't forget to turn off the lights.
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Not much going on at my end. I just want to keep posting because I just noticed I am slowly making my way to 1000 posts!!!! :LOL:

Had an easy day yesterday because my boss was away but....he's back! Really though, I do love working for him and I find the days long when he is not here. Today, he is making up for my 'day off'. But, he's also gone from Feb 3rd to the 7th. Vacation time for me!!!!!

Hope everyone's day goes well.

Kellye, I think I read elsewhere that alot of people did not like Signs...although I did not get to see it. Let me know what you think (if ever you can get your hands on the movie!!! )
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I saw Signs and really enjoyed - very well done for something so far fetched.

I have been super duper busy; as I'm sure you all know since I've been a glimmer of a shadow here on the baords. The new job keeps me very busy, but very happy

Other then the new job, there's not much going on with me. I'm on my lunch break right now, hence the post, and I'm about to go relieve the new receptionist (who took my place) for lunch. When I'm up there, I usually have a little time to get on-line.

It's pretty cold here in Houston right now. Tomorrow morning it's supposed to be in the mid 20's - that's down right cold for us.

I hope everyone is well and I think of you all often. From the little bit of glancing I've been able to do in the Cat Lounge, I've seen that some of y'all are having some rough times. So, I'd like to send positive thoughts and energy to you all.
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I know some people didnt like it, but I still want to see it
Jake has left for the meeting, and I am a nervous wreck. I am a little afraid he will let them walk all over him. I should have more faith in him though. *hitting myself on the head*
He has to talk to the advocates because he discovered more acts of discrimination and so thats a long list against them.

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I have all three of the kids in school now. My four year old started pre school yesterday! Hurray!!! I can actually get something done with only the cats pestering me! As today is bathe the kitty day I've seen very little of them today! Tee hee I guess after the first one was done everyone dissapeared!! Oh well the kids only have a half day today and are off tomorrow so they can help with the round up!
Have a great day!
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We're having great weather, here. For the past couple of weeks, its been in the 70s, every day.

The dogs are having a great time, playing in the yard. I have the doors open and the cats hang out at the screens and watch the dogs and birds.

Not much going on, though. I'm getting restless and thinking about looking for a job. GEICO is opening a call center, here and starting pay is $12/hr. Its a sit-down job, incoming calls, only. At that hourly, I can afford to work just part-time. Going to check out their website.

Have a good one.
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I hope you get the job!
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Kellye - I may be late jumping in here, but hoping all goes well for Jake!

I thought Signs was okay. To me it was worth renting, but not seeing in the theatre. 'Course at $10 a ticket, a movie has to be REALLY good to go to a theatre for it.

Katl8e - Good luck, I hope GEICO comes through for you. And if you get the job, let us know if the lizard is as cute in person as he is on TV (just kidding.)

I've been sick this morning (darn stomach flu), so I am heading back to bed. Even the stomach flu can't keep me off the board. Yeesh.

Hope everyone's having a good day.
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Jake isnt back yet and I am climbing the walls.
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today is Mike's birthday, so I'm going to cook steak, mashed potatoes, and harvard beets for him. We're doing the cake thing tomorrow with all our friends. We got up at 5:30 this morning so he could get a live feed from NASA about the shuttle launch, and watched it on the TV. He's a space nut!
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Kellye, any news on Jake???
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Signs was really good. I didnt think I would like it, but I enjoyed it. I am new here, this is only my second day. I said prior in my other thread that I am 20 and I live in Kent, Wa. I am a massage therapist and a Barista. I guess I have a significant other who lives in CT. Hes the best though. Anywho I hope to get to know you all better. Oh yeah I live alone with my 3 kitty's. D.C. my boy hes fat, Cleo and Holly are my little girls 6 and 4 months, and they are a handfull. But I love it.
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Yup - they have agreed that they will go to court and that they will not contest. So lets hope it all goes well in court but we dont know when. Its federal court so...who knows?
Thank you so much Ghyslaine!
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Well, we decided to take Magic to a boarding facility to get him socialized and used to being indoors. She gets calls for cats, so with our new screening process, maybe we'll be able find him a home. Otherwise, he'll stay until a space in the no-kill shelter opens up.

It's slow for the lady who runs this lovely cats-only facility. There are only two other residents there now, so she'll have lots of time to spend with him.

Stopped by the Vet's to pick up more Drontal - it's time for the next round of de-worm meds again.

Still waiting for one more job offer....

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Laurie, if I were closer I would be happy to socialize Magic. He's such a pretty black cat, and he reminds me so much of when Trent was a baby.

Kellye, I'll be keeping you and Jake in my thoughts. I hope everything goes quickly so you can get back to New Zealand and be with Gabe.

Tianna, you've found the right place to get to know us. As you can probably tell, the DT or Daily Thread is just a place where we say what's going on for our day - good, bad, or indifferent.
I liked Signs too, and I'm usually not into the real sci-fi alien type movies.

Marcy have fun celebrating Mike's b-day today. My hubby's a real NASA buff too, so I'm surprised I wasn't woke up at early dawn thirty with him watching TV. LOL

Jan, hope you're feeling better soon! Two people left early from work today here, and I sure hope I don't get what they have. They didn't look real good.

Cindy you just hush about all that great weather you're having. We'll remember this when you're complaining because it's 120 in the shade and I'm sitting here in CO nice and comfy at about 75. :tounge2:

Teresa, enjoy your time to yourself! Sounds like good kitty time! LOL

SABRA!!! So good to see you around again! I've been wondering where you are...glad to hear about the new job and that it's just what you wanted.'re not at 1000 posts yet??? Dang girl! Start posting! You're slacking off here! LOL

Now for supervisor is much better today. She apparently just had a few hellish days and did take it out on me. She apologized first thing this morning, sincerely this time. I still need to watch my internet time and only do it on downtime, which is understandable. Earl went out on a couple more interviews today and one looks pretty promising. The economy is just so horrible right now, though, who knows. He went to a job thing for CompUSA and said the people ranged from 16 up to 50s and 60s. People who had real careers are hoping for a job at a retail store, pretty sad. I also got real good news from my Dad last night. I've been out of competitive shooting for a few years because of time and money constraints, but this year they need an admin person to take care of things at the National Matches. I won't be shooting full time with the team, just one match, but I am back with the Team! I'm so excited. I'll be going out to the Nationals at Camp Perry, Ohio which is about 30 miles or so from Sandusky (Cedar Point - the big amusement park) for a week in August. Wow, a real vacation where I get to leave and everything! Yippee!!
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Well, Heidi, if you're going to be next door to PA, it's only a few more hours to the Pittsburgh area. Give me a call and I'll give you directions! I hope Earl gets a job. I have everything crossed and am praying for him.
I want to see Signs too. I really like Mel Gibson, so I'll enjoy it regardless of the plot!
Cindy, I'm hoping you get a job, but I thought you wanted to be a professional sun bather. We're going to get you if you keep telling us how beautiful your weather is! The weather in PA is extremely cold this week, and we are having a bit of snow every day. Oh, how I hate cold weather. I love the sun.
Kellye, I do hope all goes well for you. Lots of prayers.
Sabra, it's nice to see you back, and Tianna, welcome! Have a great evening, everyone!
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Is it Friday yet....?!?~!
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In my fantasies it is!
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