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Vibes for Molly's spay

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My girl is going in for her spay tomorrow I'm always a concerned parent when it comes to my babies!

Could you please spare some vibes that everything will go ok?
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for her spay!
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many for her spay
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Sending good spay vibes for wee Molly.
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Easy and quick spay for Miss Molly.
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Aww, sweet Molly

Vibes for her spay, headed to her... and calming vibes for you too, Tracy
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for Molly!
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I'm sure everything will be all right. Good vibes going Molly's way!
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Lotsa for sweet Miss Molly. And for Mom.
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Many vibes for your precious baby girl and many calming vibes for you Tracy
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Thanks guys! I know it's a routine surgery but I still worry!
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Absolutely! Good luck, Molly doll...
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
on the way to her!
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Sending you and your kitty lots of good
I hope everything goes smoothly!
My Jack goes in at the end of October. It's a month away and I'm already nervous.
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I'll be praying everything goes perfect for Miss Molly tomorrow!
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Good spay vibes! I'm sure it will go well, it's a common surgery.
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Godd luck! I'm sure everything will be fine. Just be sure to spoil her lots when she comes home.
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Sending many good vibes for Molly's spay, she'll be just fine and home with her mommy in no time. Try not to worry.
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Of course lots and lots of For Molly do do just fine... And a few for you to not to worry
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I have to have her at the vet for 9am. I'll post an update later on in the day to let you all know how she's doing
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Awww i'm just seeing this now but i still have time to send little Molly some healthy healing

It's my turn next month with Jack This new vet hasn't seen the mess i get in when i leave them but they soon will
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I just got off the phone with the vet's office and they say that everything went just fine! She's in recovery right now and chatting up a storm They figure we should be able to bring her home tonight.

Thank you for sending us vibes
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That's wonderful news Tracy! I know how relieved you must feel now.
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That's great, Tracy! Scritches for the sweetie when you see her.
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Sorry I missed sending vibes, but I'm glad she's being chatty now in recovery!

It's my turn in a few weeks with PJ & Punky. With them being so 'weird' I do worry moreso on their neuters than with others!
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Great, Tracy! With her being so "chatty", they might even let her go home early (cf. Sophie and Jamie).
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Oh I have been out of town...hope she's feeling better soon
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I'm late to this, but I am glad it all went well.
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Yay! Glad to hear she did good! Hope she's feeling better real soon!
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I'm so glad your gorgeous girl did so well! She's a champ for sure!
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