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Introduce new kitten with established female?

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We adopted neutered brother and sister cats as 6wk old kittens and now 5 years old.
The brother, a gentle and loving cat, and a real buddy of mine, disappeared 3 days ago to my greatest sadness.

Would our female cat (calico, very aloof but friendly when on her terms) be accepting of a new male kitten brought into the family?..or would at least this situation work towards a neutral situation?
Thanks for any tips,
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She probably would accept a new male neutered kitten quicker then a female kitten. But it still would take time. Females tend to be more resentful of newcomers and take longer to adjust.
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I agree completely with GoldenKitty.

I just wanted to add that I'm sorry that you lost your cat.
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We just recently introduced a new male kitten to our 2-year-old Tsuki. Tsuki is a terror - she bites, she is horribly possessive and she hates other people (Tsuki was a feral kitten, so this is really an improvement).
Surprisingly, Tsuki has taken to the kitten really well. They even played together today, and I noticed she was actually gentle with baby Hiro (far more than she would be with the other cats, or even my husband's fingers).
I know all cats are different, but if my little terror can learn to accept a new cat, I'm sure there's hope for your girl.

Note - Don't get discouraged if they hiss or growl at first meeting. I have yet to see two strange cats who hit it off right off the bat. Just stay calm and be patient! Cats are not like dogs - they do not have the "pack" instinct, but that doesn't mean they can't make friends with time.

Best of luck and prayers for your lost kitty...

~ Sangria
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Hi there,

We recently got second kitten to join our current 7 month old, both girls. At first it was as you'd expect the elder cat growling hissing and making all manner of sounds and jestures towards the kitten so we kept them apart for a day or two then got a pen which we put the kitten in when they were in the same room to proptect her. things progressed ok and the hissing etc stopped so we let then see eache other face to face, at first they tounch noses and have a little sniff but then the older cat starts chasing the kitten and hitting her (without claws) and knocking her over, the kitten always lays on her back and hits out with all claws showing and this goes on for as long as we let it as we've been told to let them get on with it, the thing is this morning the little'un yelped (or the cat equivalent of yelping) so we separated them and put the big cat out. the kitten didn't seem harmed or overly bothered though as she carried on playing alone straight away.
I've never had 2 cats before so i dont know what they look like when they're playing, i assume they are as neither are making any agressive noises but i'm not 100% sure so would hate to think that i'm letting the kitten get hurt.
Just wondered if anyone could confirm if its normal for them to behave like this?

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