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Worm is getting big

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Well heres Krickets little brother Worm. She would like to let you know that he is the devil. Worm is finally growing, he was so tiny when i got him and i was having some trouble putting weight on him but he is finally looking like a 10-12 week old kitten. Here is the little devil in all his glory.

I hear those birds and if i have to go through this screen I will!

it wasnt me....that loud noise was nothing and i'm running from nothing!

i love this toy so much i stole it from Kricket

my favorite toy of all sisters tail. The more i try to get it the faster it goes back and forth.

Mom loves this picture

after a long hard day of play.....i'm pooped!
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he is adorable
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I love the description of his favorite toy of all's perfect! :lol3 Worm is indeed a handsome little boy. Give him lots of kisses from me!
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Oh, Worm! I'm not surprised your Mom likes that pic! Oh, and you need to remind her about the cuteness warning! You snooze beautifully, too, BTW.
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Originally Posted by FootersOwnsMe View Post
Mom loves this picture
And I love it too! So cute!!!
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He is so adorable!!!
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Worm is sure cute.
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Simply adorable

I love all those pictures, you can see the dickens in his crazy little eyes!
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what a handsome little boy!!!
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My goodness! Worm is such a handsome boy!
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Awwww, what a little cutie!!!
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