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snakes or spiders?

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someone has an infestation of garter snakes in their yard... well up here (NW USA) it is a record year for spiders. they are building huge webs... I am talking five feet wide and covering entire bushes. the spiders themselves can be up to two inches wide. Anytime I walk somewhere in my yard I run into their sticky webs and I have asked my husband to at least shoot down the webs near doorways so I dont open the door and walk smack into a spider.

he thinks it is cool and likes to give me spider science info during breakfast. give me a break.
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UGH I hate walking into spider webs. It seems like i cant get all of it off and normally i start to panic thinking a spider was attached lol You outta take some pictures if you can.
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Oh, disgusting! I do NOT mind snakes in the least, but I freak out about spiders. I'm a terrible arachnophobic.

If you do take pictres though, could you post them? I've never seen a web that's five feet across!
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I'm terrified of spiders, I can't be around them at all without having a panic attack. Snakes I don't mind though, I actually like them a little bit.
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I don't like walking into spider webs, but I'm not afraid of the webs or the spiders. I think they are kinda cool to really get up close and personal and watch them.

If the spiders are on the colorful side - green/yellow/orange looking they are probably the garden spiders which can be quite large. And so fun to watch them wrap up food too

I saw one in my ex-SIL's garden - nice size spider and nice web. So I hunted for a moth or something to feed the spider. Caught one and tossed it into the web. Spider came running down and in a second or two had the moth completely wrapped up for supper.

I've also hand fed praying mantis a grasshopper. She just reached out and took it from me and killed it. Was cool to watch her up close.
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Spiders I can scream then kill (except Wolf Spiders - see below)

Snakes (and Wolf Spiders) I scream and then have a horrible fear of stepping foot in the area I saw it in...
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I can't do the spider thing. Just the thought of them makes me wanna vomit. I go into panic attack mode even at the sight of the tiniest one. It's a severe phobia. Snakes are meh to me. I used to have a baby python he was the sweetest thing ever.
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I like snakes but they pose a BIG risk to my animals ... Spiders we are battling in the Inland northwest too, this spring a spider bite nearly killed my dog ...
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Yeah...here in Florida it is snake and spider season ALL the time ...but this past month we have gotten alot of rain...we have had to get to get 2 snakes out of my office in the past week or so!!! And I work in a doctor's office!!! And those huge banana spider's and their webs are everywhere...hate running into them!
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